Beauty Benefits of Tulsi or Holy Basil

Popularly known to be the “Queen of Herbs”, Tulsi is associated with sacredness as Hindus in India worship it. While the herb is incorporated with a good amount of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, it is great for the improvement of health. What if Tulsi could do its best for your skin and hair? Well, the presence of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties in Tulsi would make your skin glow thereby averting the skin damages. Similarly, the rich content of vitamin K and antioxidants would make Tulsi an amazing natural remedy for treating the lifeless and dull hair strands and offering healthy locks. So, let’s check out the following beauty benefits of Tulsi or Holy Basil.


While both external and internal factors affecting the health of the skin, you have to take extra care of your skin. The former means environmental pollution and the latter means the unhealthy diet and stress as they would affect the health of the skin. The dust and grime would mainly affect the skin as they would be accumulated on the surface of the skin and so it is essential to have a deep cleansing. However, with the help of Tulsi, you could wipe away the impurities and dirt clinging to your skin. This is due to the deep-cleansing effect of the magical herb and so you could prepare an effective herbal paste.


When the skin loses elasticity, it would give space for the wrinkles and fine lines which are the signs of premature ageing. However, you could either use Holy basil or Tulsi topically or intake the leaves of the tulsi which would keep your skin young and glowing.

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Acne breakouts are one of the common issues for both genders. Tulsi, with the help of anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties, could be helpful in the purification of blood. It would also eliminate the toxins and bacteria present in the skin and thus it would help prevent acne breakouts.


Diminishing dandruff completely is definitely moving the huge mountain but then it would an easy-peasy thing if you treat your scalp right. Several factors could be the reason for dandruff but treating your scalp with tulsi oil would do wonders for your hair right from the root to the tip of the hair strands. All you have to do is to give a gentle and soothing scalp massage as it would ease the irritation and itchiness.


Your heart bumps when you spot a strand of grey hair at your green stage of life, isn’t it? Well, it could be controlled when you tulsi to treat your grey hair. The appearance of grey hair would be best treated with vitamin-rich tulsi. You could either use tulsi oil or tulsi powder for your hair to experience betterment. It would also offer healthy hair growth. So, these are some of the beauty benefits of tulsi or Holy basil.

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