4 Most Simple Mealtime Hacks To Eat Less Working From Home

  • You could now stop binge your food and eat less!
  • Simple mealtime hacks to eat less which helps in reducing your weight!

“You are what you eat” is the famous thing you could have heard and actually it is true. You should always be ready to look at what you eat every day and the goodness you might get from it. If you are on the path to losing weight, then you should be ready to look at the number of calories you eat each day. When you begin to eat healthily, it is also essential for you to watch the amount of food you are eating as it plays a major role in your weight loss goal. You might have tried many new methods to ensure your weight loss diet. So, here are four hacks to incorporate in your daily mealtime and you should eat what you want with the required amount.

CONSUME A GLASS OF WATER BEFORE EATING: Drinking water before having a meal could be helpful in eating less as per the studies. You could drink one glass of water at least 30 minutes before the meal. By implementing this practice, you could reduce the weight as you expected. You could also add fresh fruits, cucumber, or mint to your water which would add the necessary antioxidant benefits.

AVOID USING MOBILE PHONES: Most people would have the habit of checking their phones often. They would check email or social media or scrolling the phone screen as they eat. When you are focused on your mobile phone, it impacts your interest in eating and also the awareness you are having on how much you are eating. It is also said that people who use their mobile phones while eating might feel less satiated and would be eating more. They do not even know what they are eating and the calories they are consuming.

PAUSE WHILE YOU ARE EATING: When you eat slowly and pause the munching, it would help you to reduce the quantity of food you eat according to the studies. The perfect way to ensure you are consuming less is by having frequent pauses while eating. This is because eating at a slower pace would stimulate the satiety hormones and thus making you feel fuller for a longer time and faster as well. Hence, slowing down your pace would assist you in training yourself in eating less.

USE CUTLERY TO EAT: Well, the sensory experiences are increased by the direct touch while you eat with your hands. This, in turn, gives you the palatable joy of eating your food and enables you to eat more. So, you gotta be careful and watch while you eat with your hands and using utensils, it would help you to eat less.

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