Post-Diwali detox: What not to do


Diwali was last week so we are gonna guess that you must have already started the post-Diwali detox. For those who do not know what a post-Diwali detox is, it is just a simple procedure of making sure that your body recovers from all the sweets and foods you have from the festivities. Many of us loved munching on the snacks and sweets during Diwali. And most of us did enjoy these treats without feeling guilty at the time.

But are you starting to feel guilty now? Stop. Don’t do that to yourself. You might have already seen a lot of articles about what to do for post-Diwali detox. But what not to do? That is what we are here for. Let’s take a look at the things you should not do when you are doing your post-Diwali detox.

Don’t go overboard

First things first, if you are new to this whole fitness or detox or any of this healthy lifestyle, you might feel like you are not doing enough even when you are doing a lot. Stop doing that. You enjoyed your way through the festivity, loved the foods and the snacks, and loved hanging out with your friends and family. Yes, you ate and drank a lot of food but who cares? You had a good time.

If you don’t feel comfortable with what you eat, there is no way you will start to feel healthy and alive in your own skin. So don’t listen to all those diet culture tips and do everything they say. You know your body and you know what you need.

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Hydrate yourself

Water does wonders to our body and one of the important things it does is remove all of the toxins from the body. If you think you went a little too crazy with your food last week, make sure to drink plenty of water. Some people do forget to drink water. So if you are one of those people make sure to remind yourself.

You don’t have to consume plain water all the water. You can eat foods like cucumber or lemon or to the water to infuse it. These infused waters are usually the most recommended ones when you are doing a detox. Another thing you should do is to eat your water. Fruits and veggies like banana, cucumber, tomato etc. contain a lot of water. Make sure to consume them too!

Don’t rely too much on caffeine

A lot of people tend to skip meals and drink fluid drinks like coffee, tea when they are trying to make up after heavy eating. This isn’t going to reverse the process and it certainly isn’t going to do any good. Just consuming these drinks like you usually would is enough. Do not skip meals and replace them with coffee or tea.

Try and improve your gut health

Some might experience some digestive issues after the festivities because of eating all those oily foods all day long. For most people, it will get better by just doing the mentioned above. But for some, it isn’t enough. And if you are one of those people, include foods like curd, almonds etc. If you experience any severe digestion or gut issues, do not consume too much fibre. And of course, try and consult your doctor to make sure everything is fine.

All in all, our first point stands. Don’t go overboard and try to enjoy yourself while you are in the post-Diwali detox. Detoxes and diets do not have to be suffering so always consult with the right person and do what is right for your body and health.

What have you been doing during your post-Diwali detox? Let us know below!

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