Depression-The Comfort Zone

People around the world including myself have this comfort zone where we could just snuggle from the social society. Those who kick away this cosy shelter are remembered by the world. This may sound rude or abrupt for the readers. This article is from my point of view, to express the other side of the concept which I am about to reveal.

This can be seen in people of all age groups!! The cause of this may be many happenings put together including bereavement, addiction, physical looks, sexuality, self-esteem, social factors, so on and so forth. When the person is uncertain about his or her sexuality or is certain about it but experiences social abuse because of not being straight can also cause mental depression. Some have this low self-esteem when it comes to teamwork which causes great depression that distances them from social interactions. The common symptom of this is the feeling of helplessness or worthlessness and self-pitying. Keeping this as the key point, let me actually start this article about “depression”.


Feeling worthless and self-pitying are not really good signs of self or social development. This can just be an episode of life but not an escaping factor from our responsibilities. As we can look at the general definition- depression is the persisting sadness that is a constant ongoing problem and not a passing one. We use this persisting period as our comfort zone. Why am I referring this to as “the comfort zone?” Here is my answer, some consider that their problem as their cosy shelter and include the other like-minded people with them to advertise their worry. Considering the old people with diabetes as an example, they have a crew of the same disordered members who sympathize with their disabilities and pity themselves instead of creating a change in their lifestyle. They state “they are depressed” because of their illness and stay in this comfort zone without any efforts for betterment. As a result of this advertisement, even silly and lame worries are also being considered humongous. This does not mean that we shouldn’t share our feelings with people. Sharing with a trustworthy human who has concern for us is considerable.

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The current scenario in this 21st century among youngsters is doing something by being aware of its consequences but still does for an urge of satisfaction. Name-calling, patronizing someone like” Aw ..sweetie, I know you try but this is just beyond your limits”, public embarrassments like exposing the person’s shortcomings, being dismissive, unwanted sarcasm and so on creates insecurity and worthlessness feel in the victim. Depressing others is an indication of the person’s own depression. Hence some are not ready for change but instead stay in the same problem being lazy and dragging down others too. We have to understand the fact that the words we utter are the carbon copy of us. As the acceptance level and the fear of criticism about our personality and character is less in this generation, we are afraid to take up the silly bitter truths but rather stay in the comfort zone. Change needs courage and a lot of effort. The ones who are ready for change, convert their depression to create an eternal impression in the world.


Depression is the “Frankenstein monster” created by us in most situations. We should be the master of our emotions and not them. We are responsible for our created situations. As my father keeps saying, “Dream big but ready to accept whatever the consequences are.” For youngsters like us, desire for something or someone is not a mistake but should always be ready for the aftermaths and recover faster. “A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.” —Joyce Meyer. The faster we heal the faster our upliftment is. As Susan Polis Schutz quoted “Getting better from depression demands a lifelong commitment. I’ve made that commitment for my life’s sake and for the sake of those who love”.

Save nature, Save mankind.

– Prashannalakshmi Arumugam

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