5 Different Things that Trigger Overeating

When it comes to binge eating, you can be enjoying it while you are actually doing it. It will be fine if you do not regret it later. On the contrary, you will end up pondering what made you gobble the entire chips pocket or any crunchy snacks. Well, you may abandon the idea of identifying the triggers of binge eating. Believe it or not, binge-eating has several root causes which you may not be aware of. If you wish to know the different things you do may trigger overeating, continue reading to know the root causes or triggers which may give rise to “overeating.” So, here are some of the different things that trigger overeating which you should know.

Strict Diet Rules:

When you are on strict diet rules, it may obviously be a root cause for your binge eating. You may be following certain food rules where you are allowed to eat at certain times in a day. This sounds crazy, right? Moreover, you are allowed to eat only certain foods by categorizing good and bad foods. As a result, this will kindle the urge to binge eating due to your strict diet or food rules.

Mentally Restricting Foods:

Keeping track of what you are scheduled for your diet chart thereby ditching the cravings may act as a trigger. You are mentally restricting the foods as you are planned for the day with certain foods. Especially, the foods may be low-calorie and you may not enjoy it every day. This may trigger your binge eating side.

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Physically Restricting Foods:

Like mental restriction, a physical restriction may leave you in the land of urging to eat. You may be avoiding consuming certain foods which then act as a trigger. This makes you wolf down foods regardless of the type of food.

Emotional Suppression:

This may sound familiar as many may be heard about “emotional eating.” When you are sensing the triggers or experiencing sadness, depression, loneliness, or guilty, you grab some foods or snacks to eat. This can give some expecting emotional relief. So, eating for suppressing emotions may be a root cause of binge eating.

Negative Impressions:

Even poor self-esteem or negative self-talk can trigger binge eating. The feeling of unworthiness or thinking low of yourself may make you rely on foods to comfort you. This will end up in binge eating and obesity.

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