Foods that Make You Look Older than Your Actual Age


Of course, people would comment on bodily appearance as if a person looks too young than his or her actual age which might be a good thing. But nobody wishes to look older except by blowing the candles on birthdays. However, the appearance of your body and your age would never go the same all the time. At certain times, your body would show the signals of aging which might make you lose confidence. So, the biological age of the person matters more than the actual age. When it comes to factors that contribute to older looks, there are several things to list out like smoking, over-exposure to the sun, pollution, and an unhealthy diet. Your diet plays a crucial role as you are what you eat. So, let’s look at some of the foods which are bad for your body that makes you speed up your bodily age.


This is a well-known fact that sugar would make your health upside down when you take it regularly in greater quantity. When you could not stop yourself from having it in your diet, it would have its negative impact on your gorgeous skin by damaging and collapsing the collagen production as per the studies. It might be an extremely tempting ingredient but try to seek some healthy alternative or curb the use of it.

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You never know what type of oil does the restaurants or shops you visit to buy foods are using. So, when you consume it regularly, the fried foods would easily spread the free radicals in the body and you know what those harsh free radicals would do to your health. It would affect the health of the skin and increase the risk of several diseases. If you feel like having fast foods, go for something with healthy options.


Your beautiful skin could never handle the extremely salted foods as they would retain water and make you experience bloating. Also, the water retention would turn your skin to be puffy and dull. So, make sure to add a moderate level of salt to your foods.


The foods you prefer to prepare by microwaving would never give any good to you. You might feel exhausted due to the hectic day and so you might have decided to microwave your frozen foods, which is not a good idea to pursue. As refrigerated foods could increase the sodium levels, they could cause water retention that makes your skin look puffy and older. So, try going simple with healthy foods if you are tired.


The entire world loves to grab a pack of potato chips with its wide hands. Not only potato chips but also if you like to munch on something more crispy and crunchy often, then they could take away your youthfulness at a faster rate than you could imagine. Furthermore, deep-fried and fried oils could damage cell respiration and lower the proper functioning of the immune system of your body. Do stop grabbing pockets of chips whenever you go grocery shopping and have it one if you could avoid it right away or find some healthy options.

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