6 Powerful Low Calorie Grains If You Want To Shed Weight


Most people would choose to starve to lose weight easily but this might not be the right choice for you. Starving could never be the healthy way of shedding weight instead you could choose a healthy diet and effective physical activity. While you are picking certain low-calorie foods for your diet, you should never miss low-calorie grains which could help you lose weight. This is due to the presence of fiber, fewer calories, and other essential nutrients needed for weight loss. All this while, you might have been blindly believing that grains would put on the weight. However, this is not true but some grains are helpful in the weight loss journey. Check out the following grains that you gotta stock up with.

BROWN RICE: You might have heard about brown rice which is fiber-rich that helps in lowering belly fat. This particular grain is low in calories and high in essential nutrients including antioxidants, magnesium, protein, and vitamins. Further, it is low in fat, and density that reduce body fat accumulation.

BARLEY: The presence of beta-glucan, fiber, low-fat and calories helps reduce the unwanted fat. Eating barley could be useful in lowering cholesterol and maintains blood sugar levels as well. You could get the most out of barley by consuming it.

LENTILS: Lentils are low in calories, a great source of iron and folate, and proteins which could be helpful in weight loss. Being incorporated with vitamin B, zinc, iron, potassium, and calcium, lentils are great for your weight loss journey.

WHOLE OATS OR OATMEAL: When you add oats for breakfast, you could witness a healthy change in your body. It contains soluble fiber which enhances digestive health. Moreover, the high protein content, low-calorie content, and antioxidants would help you reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels too.

MILLETS: Millets or ragi is one of the gluten-free grains which are especially helpful in curbing and maintaining diabetes. It would also help aid obesity, provide energy, and improving digestive problems. The presence of bioactive compounds, magnesium, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals in ragi could be extremely beneficial for your overall body health.

WHOLE RYE: The easily digestible whole grain rye is known for its rich fiber content and low-calorie content. It is extremely healthier than whole wheat along with essential health benefits such as weight loss, healthy blood sugar level, enhanced digestive health, and lower level of inflammation in the body. So, you could add this to your diet to maintain a healthy weight.

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