6 Wonders a Glass of Orange Juice can do for Your Health

The presence of flavonoids, vitamins A, B9, C, and E, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, and iron makes the oranges a great pick for your daily diet. While orange as fruit could come as several health benefits, consuming it as juice would also offer a wide range of benefits including weight loss, increasing immune power, enhancing digestive health, reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases, and manages the cholesterol level as well. Since orange juice is the most-loved drink all over the world, here are some wonders a glass of orange juice can do for your health.

Boosts the Immune Power:

Drinking the refreshing orange juice would help enhance the immune power of the body. The vitamin C-rich fruit is amazing when it comes to protecting your body from foreign elements. It would be your 2021 quarantine summer buddy as it helps your body to develop a stronger immune system.

Prevents Heart Diseases:

As oranges are rich in vitamin B9 and folate, they would be stimulating healthy blood circulation and purification as well. It would also reduce the blood pressure thereby reinforcing the heart’s health.

Decreases the risk of cancer:

The rich content of vitamin C is essentially associated with lowering the risk of cancer. It would reduce the risk of mouth cancer, oesophagus cancer, and stomach cancer. And with a glass of orange juice, your body is infused with rich vitamin C.

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Supports Weight Loss:

When you add orange juice to your diet, your weight loss journey would be easy. This is possible due to the nutrients of the sweet juice which contains a low glycemic index and fat content as well. It would keep you full for a longer time thereby curbing the unwanted cravings which would thus be helpful in your weight loss journey.

Great for Eye Health:

The high content of vitamin A and carotene in the fruit helps offer great vision health. Moreover, the consumption of orange juice would reinforce the membrane of the eye thereby making it an amazing food for eye health.

Averts Kidney Stones:

Being a great source of calcium and potassium, oranges would be the best home remedy for kidney stones as well as prevents kidney stones. As the disease is the result of unbalanced levels of oxalate and calcium, you have to ensure to take enough calcium content every day. In doing so, you would prevent the formation of kidney stones. So, these are the excellent health benefits of orange juice.

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