8 Distinct Ways To Consume Turmeric From Today


The power of the yellow spice is everywhere, the irresistible thing. Turmeric is one of the essential ingredients found in every Indian household and has been widely used in several ways and even in rituals. Being the staple spice, turmeric comes with medicinal properties, which help in treating diseases in the first place. As of now, the world might have known the importance of spices in food due to the coronavirus. So, if you are wondering to add it to your diet and wanna try it in various ways, then here are some tips for you. Let’s check them out!

EVER HAD GOLDEN MILK? Well, the blend of milk and turmeric along with pepper would make it worth drinking as it would treat and prevent falling sick. Or else, you could simply simmer turmeric with coconut milk and honey to get that amazing ‘GOLDEN MILK’.

SPRINKLE OVER SCRAMBLES AND FRITTATAS: While most people love eating scrambled eggs or frittata or tofu scramble, you could add a pinch of turmeric over these dishes whenever you feel like having it. If you are someone who is just introduced to turmeric, then this is the perfect way to start as the flavor is great too.

THE YELLOW RICE: Why not adding it to rice? You could just bring in a spoon of turmeric to the boiled rice to get the amazing flavor. Serving a plate of yellow rice would give you the amalgamation of a healthy and aromatic taste.

STIR IT ALONG WITH SOUPS: How warming a spoon of healthy soup could be! Similarly, it would be much warmer and healthier when you add a pinch of the yellow spice powder to a bowl of veggie or chicken soup or any other soup variety.

ADD A TINGE TO SMOOTHIE: Since turmeric root goes well with juices and smoothies, a pinch of ground spice could be added to it to enhance the flavor and healthiness. So, serve that healthy smoothie to your kids and see them growing healthily with great immune power.

MIX WITH THE GREENS: When it comes to green veggies like kale, collards, spinach, and cabbage, you could simply sprinkle add a tinge of turmeric while they are sautéed or braised. By doing so, it would enhance flavor and health.

THE FUSION OF VEGGIES AND TUMERIC: The warm and peppery of turmeric would do wonders to the veggies such as cauliflower, potatoes, and root veggies when mixed well.

TOSS IT ALONG WITH NON-VEG: If you are fond of fish fries or chicken fries, then add a pinch of turmeric to the ingredients you are going to blend with the chicken or fish pieces or marinate them well with the yellow spice. This would get that perfect and healthy recipe for you.

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