8 Lifestyle Changes That Occur When You Start Meditating Daily


Like death and taxes, these days it seems like stress is just an inevitable part of life. To deal with it, we’ve turned to wine, venting to our significant others, and meditation, the third of which has turned out to provide way more benefits than we ever imagined. Read on for eight things that might happen if you start embracing the calm.

You Feel Less Stressed

Here I’m not mentioning the science details but meditation changes your brain or thought process. Mindful meditation – loosens the connection of certain neural pathways while strengthening others. This makes you better equipped to deal with stressful situations and activates the part of the brain that deals with reasoning.

Being Healthier

Nowadays stress is a big problem faced by many which often manifests physically. But meditation helps with more cut-and-dried medical issues as well. According to Herbert Benson, MD, a cardiologist who has studied the health effects of meditation for decades, “The relaxation response [from meditation] helps increase metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and improves heart rate, breathing, and brain waves.” We’re listening…

Being Even  More Compassionate

People who regularly meditate show or express more empathy and compassion than others who don’t do, as many studies on meditation reveal. Yes, it does make sense. And hey, it makes sense. Aren’t you way more likely to snap at your mother when you’ve spent the day huddled over your computer like a giant stress ball?

Early to Bed and Early To Rise

Many people practice doing meditation for about 20 minutes as soon as they wake up right after getting and 20 minutes sometime before bedtime. So yes, this means you’ll either have to get up earlier or skip blow-drying your hair. The things we do for a quieter mind.

You’ll Probably Get More Work Done

Meditation helps you to train your brain to focus on things that are the priority (achieve your goals), develops your intelligence hence increases productivity. And if you’re able to resist Facebook and other social media platforms or youtube videos – you’re way more likely to achieve your actual goals sooner.

Sit Up Straighter

Good posture is a must for Meditation. So the more you meditate, the more you become hyper-aware of your posture in pretty much every situation.

Induce Better Sleep

Mindfulness meditation improves the quality of sleep and could help fight against insomnia, according to a recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association. This is because your mind is equipped to block out all of the unnecessary (at the moment) and racing thoughts that are keeping you up.

You’ve Got To Work Hard

Like taking up knitting or learning to ski, you’re probably not going to be an expert the first time you try it. It takes practice to push all of the unnecessary thoughts from your mind and focus on being in the moment. The key is to stick with it and recognize that you will get better.

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