Are You Sweating Heavily? Here Are The Reasons Behind It


Clandestine Reasons why you are sweating heavily!

Have you ever thought why are you sweating too heavily? If you are sweating excessively, there may be other reasons for it like hot weather or exercising or heavy workouts. In these cases, it is just carrying out the natural process of thermoregulation. Summer season is where your body invites sweating often and also in the absence of air. Meanwhile, if a person is sweating often in situations where everyone else is not sweating, then the person must have some clandestine reasons or causes for excessive sweating. Let’s peer into some of the hidden reasons and if you find any of the symptoms, you must directly consult a doctor.

PREGNANCY: Did you know pregnancy is one of the hidden causes for sweating? Yes! it is totally a normal condition when you are expecting because your body temperature will rise and more blood will be circulating in your body. This, in turn, will make you feel hotter and in addition to this the increase in metabolism and hormone shifts will add up the extra reasons for excessive sweating.

HYPERACTIVE THYROID: This is where your thyroid gland will turn into ‘overactive’ and will also produce more of the metabolic hormones thyroxine and tri-iodothyronine than usual. These chemicals are useful for retaining your systems working at the right pace. When it comes to an excessive level, it can lead to excessive sweating, irregular heartbeat, rapid weight loss, and tremors.

HEART ATTACK: Almost, most of us know that sweating is mentioned as one of the early symptoms of a heart attack. The sudden blast of cold sweat accompanying chest pain, dizziness and feeling uncomfortable on the left parts of your body may indicate that you are going through the heart attack.

FOCAL HYPERHIDROSIS: As per the Specialists, there are two types of excessive sweating namely, focal and generalized. The focal hyperhidrosis is characterized by the constant sweating of certain areas of the body which happens in pairs like palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, the armpits and the face and you could have come across persons who are experiencing this type of sweating. However, the nature of focal hyperhidrosis is totally unclear.  Studies have shown that people who struggle with this have no changes in their sweat glands or in the amount of sweat. And it was suggested that this specific condition must be the result of a genetic dysfunction of the nervous system which produces a sweat reaction when it is not necessary. Further, the medical treatment includes electrical stimulation, medications, injections or surgery.

ANXIETY: We all know that sweating is the natural response of your body when you are experiencing the stress. It is because it sees anxiety as an indicator of danger and starts to release the excess water through your skin. Yet another reason is that increasing blood circulation also makes your body temperature rise. Sweat is considered to be one of the ways to cool our bodies down.

PECULIAR DIET: By the intake of a certain food, you might experience sweating because of its thermogenic effect and this is called a gustatory sweat. Some foods may have a stronger impact on your digestion and you should also ensure that you are not engrossed too much in the intake of spicy food, caffeine or alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol also enhance your nervous system and increase your blood pressure though.

HORMONAL SHIFTS: Here, fluctuation in the hormone levels during pregnancy, menstruation, puberty or menopause can lead to excessive sweating. This condition may be associated with the rise of body temperature caused by unregulated levels of estrogen and progesterone. Did you know that hot flush is the common symptom of menopause? Yes, it is! And when it is the time for puberty, the kids may sweat more just because the body starts establishing the right amount of hormones.

Even some kind of medications such as painkillers, antibiotics, hormones, and neuropsychiatric drugs may be considered as the most common medications which can make you sweat. The low blood sugar level also joins in the list where it results in stimulating the sweat glands. So, if you are experiencing excessive sweat and figured out any of these symptoms, just consult your doctor.

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