Cleaning your belly button is very important


Your belly button is most ignored area whenever you clean yourself. This area collects dirt regularly and it should be cleaned at regular intervals. Your navel is delicate and should be cleaned without harming the skin. Below are few tips to follow whole cleaning belly button.


Before you start digging the dirt, wash your navel with soap and water. This will help loosen the dirt stuck to the skin of your navel.

Cotton Swabs Your Best Friend

Always use cotton swabs. They are soft doesn’t cause cuts and scrapes. Because your belly button can easily harbour bacteria which can lead to infection. So it’s a must that you need to be careful while cleaning which doesn’t any damage to the skin.

Belly Inner

The Right Cleaning

For cleaning always use a dipped swab in olive oil, coconut oil, hydrogen peroxide, or rubbing alcohol, poke it inside your navel, and clean it gently in a circular motion. This helps clean it with ease. Repeat this process with fresh swabs until your navel is clean. Hold the skin around your navel firm and taut as you clean.

Cleaning with Cotton Swabs

After you are done cleaning belly button with swabs dipped in cleaning solution or cream, use dry swabs to clean, this gets rid of any oil or cleaning solutions or cream that may be present in your navel.

Use Salt Water

After cleaning, wash your belly button with a lukewarm solution of salt and water. This prevents infection and also helps in cleaning any remaining dirt.

Keep it Dry

Always pat dry your belly button dry using a soft absorbent towel. It is necessary to keep your navel dry because water lodged in the belly button area can breed bacteria which can lead to an infection.


Once you are done cleaning your belly button. Apply moisturizer to prevent the skin from drying and keep it healthy.

Remember, the belly button can be cleaned at regular intervals. So you needn’t have clean it often. If you have a navel piercing, hold the piercing while cleaning. Removing your piercing can cause bacteria from entering your body.

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