Eucalyptus Oil: 6 Astounding Health Benefits You Probably Don’t Know


Eucalyptus trees are currently growing all over the world but it is native to Australia. Since eucalyptus trees have been recognized for their medicinal properties, the plant could be found in every nook and corner of the world. The oval-shaped leaves of this tree are known for their healing power and have been used for eucalyptus oil. When the leaves are dried and crushed and filtered, it would provide you the essential oil. As mentioned, the healing properties of the leaves would be infused in the oil and thus chained to provide effective health benefits. Let’s now check out the unexpected health benefits of eucalyptus oil.

ENHANCES THE RESPIRATORY HEALTH: If you are struggling with respiratory issues including asthma and sinusitis, then you could help ease it by inhaling the steam which has been infused with eucalyptus oil. The oil would reduce the mucus thereby loosening it. On the other hand, it would help obstruct the symptoms related to asthmas as well.

DESTROYS STINKY BREATHE: When it comes to bad breath or stinky breath, you would definitely choose mint but it is not the only choice you have. Well, you have the other choice too. Eucalyptus oil, being rich in antibacterial properties, could be useful in combating the germs which lead to mouth odor. Some products contain eucalyptus oil as one of the ingredients which when used would help you avert bacteria from invading your tooth.

TREATS COUGH: With its healing and antibacterial properties, eucalyptus oil is useful in treating cough for years. You could have come across many medications that have eucalyptus oil as their active ingredients. For instance, Vicks VapoRub is one such cough suppressing product that could be helpful during cold or flu. It would thus help clear the chest.

EASES THE COLD SORES: The presence of anti-inflammatory properties in eucalyptus would help soothe the symptoms of herpes. When you apply eucalyptus oil, it would lower the pain thereby speeding up the process of healing. Alternatively, you could also use ointments or balms for cold sores that have been infused with essential oils like eucalyptus.

CURBS BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL: Experts believe that eucalyptus oil has been useful in treating diabetes as it would reduce blood sugar. However, much more research should be needed when it comes to managing blood sugar levels.

REDUCES JOINT PAIN: Did you know essential oils like eucalyptus would soothe your joint pain? Yes, it could help reduce the pain and inflammation as per the research. Surprisingly, it might be helpful for individuals who suffer from back pain or even for those who are recovering from a joint or muscle injury. Also, it might be helpful in other painful conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. You could also consult your doctor before you use it.

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