5 Top Best Night Time Hair Care Tips You Should Master From Today


Who else would not love owning beautiful and wavy hair that speaks to you full of energy? Well, you might be taking good care of your hair throughout the day and you just do not wanna disrupt it at the end of the day, right? All your effort would go wasted while you jump on your bed without finishing your nighttime hair care routine. Each of you would have different dreams of having wavy or bouncy or silky or shiny or curly hair and so you gotta follow some steps to enhance the health of your hair while you are asleep. So, here are a few pre-sleep hair care tips that you gotta master from now on.

APPLY OIL OR SERUM: Applying oil to your tangles is one of the essential parts of hair care. Since oil would work as a moisturizing agent, it would help your hair to stay soft and shiny as well. To achieve it, you have to feed some love to your hair with oil at night just before you hit the bed. So, you could apply any oil of your choice and massage it on your scalp for few minutes. Then, tie up your hair and get a good sleep as oiling your hair at night would strengthen the roots as well as repair the shaft. So, you could shampoo your hair the next morning to get stunning shiny and soft hair. Alternatively, you could use a serum to massage your scalp if you do not like oiling it. This would also treat dry hair by lowering the frizziness and leads to the shining mane.

DO TIE UP YOUR TRESSES: You should never go to bed with free hair blindly thinking that it would help your hair to breathe at night. However, tying your hair just before bedtime would lead to breakage instead you could go for a bun or braiding your hair which would work well.  Even if you choose to do any of your bedtime hairstyles, you should ensure not to tie it up too tight as it would lead to hair fall and sore roots.

AVOID GOING BED ON DIRTY HAIR: When you are avoiding the regular washing of your hair, then you do know that you are actually blocking the pores on your scalp which would end up weakening the scalp and other issues such as dandruff and hair fall. So, you could find nighttime to be the best to wash your hair.

AVOID SLEEPING ON DAMP OR WET HAIR: Damp or wet hair is exposed to damage because when you snooze on your wet hair, it would get crushed and tumble down thereby causing breakage and split ends. So, it would collapse the idea of your flaunting hairstyle for the next day.

COMB YOUR HAIR BEFORE BED: Combing your hair before bed is one of the important ways to pamper your hair. When you comb your mane, it would help relieve the knots and make it clear. It would also enhance the circulation of blood in the scalp and end up offering healthy hair growth.

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