FIRST TIME SEX? All The Lessons You Need About Pain And Pleasure



Panic not for the first time of sexual desire!

Check out the tips you should remember when you are about to cuddle with your partner.

Probably, everyone would experience the nervousness when they are about to indulge in sexual pleasure for the very first time. Well, you do not wanna feel nervous but it is inevitable to feel though. Nevertheless, your nervousness and anxiety would be diminished after the first engrossment of sexual pleasure. You would feel it as the right thing for you, unless or until it is connected with safe and consensual thing. But this could not keep you away from anxious as it is your freaking first time. Even if you pretend to be cool and away from pre-sex uneasiness, you know you are consumed by it entirely. However, the first time cuddling together along with guttural is an amazing worthy pleasure ever. So, here are the few tips for enjoying your first time as delightfully lovely as you could.

A PLAN FOR SAFE SEX: As it is your first time, you would be worried about your safety. So, you must have to discuss this beforehand with your partner. You should never hesitate to talk about this to your partner and so you have to ask what you both would do for the protection. As the chance of getting pregnant and the fear of Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), you would be more distracted and worried. So, it is better to have a talk beforehand and have safe and relaxed sex.

DO NOT FALSIFY ORGASM: You should have to enjoy the complete orgasm but you should not limit your orgasm. It is said that women would not experience orgasms when they indulge in sex for the first time with their partner. Though you could feel the touch of your partner, you would moan for pleasure but somewhere you miss the complete delight as it is your first time. The very first feel of orgasm would be the best feel for you and so you should never miss the magical pleasure.

CHANCES TO BLEED OR NOT BLEED: A vagina must bleed when you indulge in first-time sex, but this is not true, it is just a myth. It is also noted that more than 50 percent of people do not bleed for the first time. It varies according to the body of the person and the bleeding is associated with the stretching of hymen which is a thin tissue located inside the vagina. Surprisingly, it must be stretched without even indulging in sexual activities. It could be stretched during jumping or any other sports activities as well. So you do not wanna worry about the myth that prevails.

DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE: The most interesting as well as the delightful part is to experience the sensations by pushing away the feeling of nervousness and anxiety. The more you feel the deep breathing, the more you would be distracted from the worrying thoughts. Further, you could feel the touch and how the different parts of your body feel each and every time. It gives an enrapturing feel when your body cuddles with your partner’s.

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