Pretty Girls! Glow Up At Home To Become The Better Version of You During The Lock down


3 Simple ways to glow up at home And Look Stunning!

Glow up. 1. verb To transform oneself in a significant way. The phrase can be applied to positive changes in one’s appearance, but usually focuses more on one’s successes in life and increased self-confidence. Modeled on the phrase “grow up.”

Ever since Kylie Jenner re-established herself with a label more significant than “the youngest Kardashian sister” with her new pout and other similarly attained assets the concept of the “glow up” has been all the rage. Here are some ways you can do it at home:

Skincare: Taking care of something that is the largest organ of your body should be of utmost importance but often times we tend to neglect our skin and that leads to so many problems from early aging to even cancer.

Sunscreen must always be on your agenda. Use the 13 spot method to apply and REapply throughout the day. It doesn’t matter how much your melanin content is or how badly you want a tan- unless melasma or sun spots are your ideal.

Adopt a good skincare routine for both morning and night. Korean skin care’s 10 steps routine is all the rage but don’t get too invested in that right off the bat. Remember the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Start with a simple cleanser and moisturizer and then addressing the unique issues your skin faces upgrade the routine, whether it’s anti-aging, spot or acne treatment. What works for him/ her might not work for you.

Moisturizing is a must-have. Depending on your skin type, pick the right kind of moisturizer and be generous. An alternate for the dusty, humid tropical city climate where creamy moisturizer equals greasy skin would be a face essence. It just acts as a moisturizer but contains higher levels of active ingredients, designed to penetrate deeper into the skin and absorbs quickly.

The Brow Look: Way back in 2015 we were all obsessed with Cara Delivigne’s bushy untouched brows. Way before that in the 90s everybody emulated Kate Moss’ nonexistent brow look. The thing about brows is it’s not trend-friendly. Think of it as the frame that defines the pretty picture that is your face.

Your face may not be like the next person’s and therefore the brows that suit them will most probably not suit you. If your face is more angular, you have bigger features like your eyes and nose- it makes sense to cap it all off with thicker eyebrows. However, it is safest to go with a medium-sized brow.

Shape it according to its natural form; your face already knows what works for it- don’t try to go too angular or too soft and curvy.

Remember to fill it in, sparse eyebrows are not uncommon and not entirely in our control. However, it does give off the impression that you’re unhealthy or sickly. A remedy for sparse eyebrows is a generous application of castor oil every night before bed. For the time being fill it in, use a perfect blend of brown and grey, the ratio depending on your hair and skin tone.

Healthy hair: Being an Indian means have inherently beautiful hair and generations-old worth of recipes to further grow it, increase the luster and nourish it.  This is a blessing from the gods themselves as the condition of your hair greatly affects the way you are perceived.

With the hustle and bustle of independent adult life, it is easy to ignore the need to maintain a proper crop of hair but be warned: it is vital to do so. If you have split ends cut them off, find a style that suits your face and is not over the top. Avoid coloring or adding other chemicals to your hair but if you have to, make sure you get the appropriate hair care treatments necessary.

When choosing a color for your hair pick one that suits you and don’t look like a wig plucked from a costume catalog. Feel free to go unicorn but ensure that the tone, shade or hue goes with your natural skin and the roots of your hair.

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