Senitta, A Sanitary Napkin Brand is Launched in the Market


Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Now is the time to break the myths and taboos about menstrual hygiene with Senitta. The sanitary napkin brand by Unicorn Hygiene Products was launched amid a lot of fanfare in Lucknow.

A glimpse from the Senitta product launch with the Honourable Mrs. Sanyukta Bhatia, Mayor, Lucknow in attendance

Hushed tones, code words, religious myths, dirtiness, these are some of the things that come to the mind of the people when someone says sanitary napkin. Yes, we are living in 2019, yet the pedal of time is still holding back the boldness that’s needed to break the norm. As a result of this, 42% of women are shamed for their period, 23 million Indian girls drop out of school every year due to menstruation.

Senitta, a brand by Unicorn Hygiene Products aspires to change this notion and place a bold conversation in motion. The sanitary napkin brand was launched today in the presence of several dignitaries and much brouhaha amid the locals in Lucknow and the media in attendance. 3EA, one of the top management consulting firms with a global presence has been the force behind the brand building of Senitta. Not just another sanitary napkin, the team believes that the brand can be the voice that can bring a big change in the menstrual hygiene conversations and practices prevalent in the society. The launch was graced by the Honourable Mrs. Sanyukta Bhatia, Mayor, Lucknow who took the dais to launch the brand and introduced the product to the audience. She spoke at lengths about the change, a product like Senitta by Unicorn Hygiene Products can bring for the female population and the society as a whole. She said, “Female menstruation issues are very prevalent in our country and there’s a need to address these issues. It is indeed a pleasure to see new brands like Senitta launching in the market, who are committed to the task of creating awareness about female hygiene issues.”

Staying true to its tagline ‘Nothing to Whisper About It‘, the sanitary napkins are designed to disrupt the sanitary products market by making a big noise with the features. You can visit to find out more about the brand and the product. Speaking at the launch, Mr. Suboor Ahmed, CEO, Unicorn Hygiene Products said, “Our mission is to make our safe-to-use sanitary napkins accessible across the sections of the society along with creating awareness about the menstrual hygiene issues, especially cervical cancer.” A very special and bold film was also screened at the event, depicting the need of the hour to be vocal about menstrual hygiene issues and embrace a natural occurrence for a girl or woman like ‘menstruation‘ with a pinch of boldness. 3EA has been handling all the marketing, branding and promotional work for the brand, right from tagline creation to the launch. Industry veteran and a well-known brand consultant from 3EA, Dr. Vibhor Mishra is the brain behind the brand positioning for Senitta. Dr. Mishra came up with a very unique tagline ‘Nothing to Whisper About It’ for the brand.

Apart from this, Dr. Vibhor Mishra from 3EA has also provided awareness-driven punchlines to drive further media communication of the brand in order to amplify the brand’s reach across all sections of media. Dr. Vibhor Mishra has also coined the punchline, ‘Be Bold Forever You Are Beautiful’ which has been doing rounds across several social media platforms. Additionally, Mr. Abhineet Mishra has worked on a rap number for the brand, which will soon hit the market. Looking at the dialogue and buzz in the media around Senitta, it can be seen that 3EA has left no stone unturned in their efforts for Senitta, in terms of brand building, positioning, organizational structuring and marketing communication and providing holistic and integrated solutions. Speaking at the event, Ms. Garima Saxena, Domain Partner3EA said, “This is not just a launch event today. This is the start of a change. This will prove to be a stimulus for a significant change in the societal culture.” There has been a considerable build-up about the launch of Senitta on social media courtesy of 3EA, with several boldness sprinkled campaign posts doing rounds asking the female community to be bold about such issues and topics. The conversations will continue across all the social media platforms and you can be a part of the conversation using #BeBoldForeverYouAreBeautiful and #NothingToWhisperAboutIt.

The awareness-filled and a mission-driven launch was capped off by Mr. Asfand Akhtar, Founder Unicorn Hygiene Products. He said, “In a market where the customer is spoilt for choice, Senitta addresses the female hygiene issues by providing that safe-to-use quotient. Our sanitary napkins are dioxin-free, making it safe for usage and they help in eradicating the hazards in using menstrual hygiene products. The society still considers things associated with menstrual hygiene, a taboo, Senitta sheds that thought and image, this is the reason we say, there is nothing to whisper about it.

About Senitta

Senitta aspires to break the norms and the hygiene myths of society. Senitta sanitary napkins are designed to provide freedom to females, keeping in mind, healthiness, and safety. The brand aspires to break the hygiene barriers by providing the customers with the best sanitary napkins. Their mission is to keep evolving and continuing the practice of implementing the best methods and technologies possible to improve the quality of hygiene products without compromising on the quality at any cost.

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