Sensational TANTRIC SEX For Long Lasting Orgasms And Mind-Blowing Sex


Long-Lasting Orgasms, Gets You More Intimate With Your Partner And More Pleasurable Sex

Have you ever heard of tantric sex? Few people might have been familiar with this sensual method whereas most of the people would not have been aware of this tantric sex in this so-called technological world. Sensual pleasure is also part of the relationship which connects the couple even more mentally as well as physically. So, what is tantric sex? It is not just about having sexual delight but it is a holistic way of improving your relationship and also gaining the pleasure at levels which you could never have encountered earlier. Tantric sex is often taken as a mystical as well as an exotic sexual form of practice. And it is this transcendentalist sexual form that benefits many who struggle with dejection-filled life and from a dull sensual life, specifically.

Originated from sexual rituals between 2500 and 5000 years ago, tantric sex seems to be a helping hand for the people who are suffering amidst the rapidly moving modern world. The freaking modern age has been witnessing people who take sex as the routine stuff in a busy life and some take it to be the casual thing to do as the are not interested in real relationships. Meanwhile, some shed their belief in a true relationship and few people take sex could be a source of exasperation. People in long-term relationships could find sex as a boring thing to do when it is not varied or spiced.

“Tantric sex can be literally defined as slow sex with the accent on body and mind connection”. So, gentle massage, kissing, touching and other methods of meditative breathing profits the person with strong orgasms. A great mental connection is gained through meditating together before and during sex performance. According to tantric sex, the vagina is known to be ‘Yoni’ and a penis is known to be ‘Lingam’. Tantric sex is not just about orgasms but the purpose of it is on the holistic experience of both mind and sex. It is literally opposite the western form of sex because it is all about the wholeness of sexual pleasure.

Tantric sex works with slow and controlled breathing which thus helps in releasing the toxins from the body and assists in concentrating the present moment. Despite closing your eyes, you should keep your eyes open while kissing because it would develop a better rapport. As a result, the amalgamation of slow breathing, gentle touching and delaying orgasm paves the path to the deeper as well as growing togetherness.


LONG-LASTING ORGASMS: The palpable sense of each other’s bodies by slow movements and controlled breathing would offer wonderful orgasms. However, slow sensual touching turns the tantric sex form more erotic than any other form. The delayed orgasms are more robust than regular orgasms and thus, the sex form reduced the depression and stress symptoms. It is due to the release of happy hormones and chemicals during the time of orgasms. Women should slow down their breathing process at the time of feeling orgasm is advisable too.

IMPROVES INTIMACY: The prolonged tantric sex helps in building the bond and increases intimacy between the partners. It thus leads to experience the pinnacle level of merriment to the couples.

PROVIDES BETTER SEXUAL HEALTH: The mystic form of sex has several benefits for both men and women. Studies have proven the reason behind the tantric sexual health and one among them is the increased breathing and oxygen intake during tantric sex. These, in turn, indulge in detoxifying the blood circulation and body which are essential for sexual health. It boosts the hormone testosterone in males and helps the women to reach orgasm rather than sexual stimulation.

The tantric sexual form could connect back even the people who are satiated with their relationship and sensual pleasure.

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