SEX: 6 Most Important Things You Should Always Do Before Hand


A lot of factors can influence to attain the peaks of love-making. It is very important to have a few basic things in mind to guarantee both the partners have a gala time. Ensure to have the following things in place before beginning the love act.

Hygiene – Always be well-groomed. Kissing, in particular, is an integral part of sex and no partner would like to kiss the other with bad breath. Ensure to rinse your mouth with a mouth wash or go for a mouth freshener. Next is the overall cleanliness of the body, a sweating or a bad-smelling body will turn off your partner completely. Take a bath, clean your private parts without fail before having sex and have a happy ride.

The Ambience – To intensify the pleasure of having sex, it is really essential to perform the heavenly act in the correct place. The right place plays a very important role all the time when you involve in sex. So always ensure to keep your place neat and tidy to have a better time with your partner. Revamp your bedroom in such a way to feel ready to turn up the heat. Go for a Candlelight or dim the bedroom lights as you set the sexy scene or play soft music as you both like.

Keep protection handy – If you’re trying to conceive, planning to go the family way and not interested in using protection, it will make having sex much easier. Otherwise using condoms every time you have sex is the only way to reduce your chance of infection and stay away from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Condoms are the only portable way to get big protection from pregnancy and STDs. Also, they help delay ejaculation, so that the sex lasts longer.

Empty your bladder – It will be very uncomfortable when you are feeling like you’re about to urinate during sex. It is important to pee right after having sex and it’s equally important to do so before too. Ensure to empty your bladder for sure, failing which it’s going to hinder you while having sex.

Foreplay – Start at a slow pace. During Foreplay it is more important to use both your mental and physical skills. Hone your oral sex skills like caressing, rubbing as well as kissing all over. There are no specific spots for kissing, just go all over as you wish. Use your hands more often which gives a very deep control on the forthcoming actions. More of engagement in foreplay will give you more pleasure when you make love.

Keep a tube of lubricant handy – Lack of lubrication can put off or limit the pleasure while having sex. A women’s natural lubrication is dependent on her hormonal levels. Hence having a lube is always better. Choose from a wide range of water-based, oil-based or natural lubes which is suitable for you and your partner. Don’t forget, ‘A little goes a long way’.

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