Super Impressive Health Benefits of Chikoo or Sapodilla, The Evergreen Fruit


Surprising Healthy Reasons to include Chikoo/Sapodilla in your diet

Known to be the superhero of fruits.

With the help of minerals and nutrients, Chikoo offers the superpower to the human body.

Otherwise known as sapodilla or sapota, Chikoo is one of the famous fruits and is loved for its taste. Most of the people in the world are fond of chikoo and you might add it for your monsoon diet as it is incorporated with several health benefits. Though the fruit is the native of Mexico, It has been grown in different parts of India such as Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and West Bengal. It has been helping to shield your body from bacterial infections by providing immunity to the body. Meanwhile, you would be surprised to know about the health benefits of Chikoo.

OFFERS HEALTHY BONES: As the Superhero fruit is rich in folates, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron, it could help you to stay away from medications in the latter part of the life. Also, poor bone health is the major problem among many people in the present day, despite the age group. When you consume chikoo on a regular basis, you could be infused with strong and healthy bones than before.

AMAZING ANTIOXIDANT: The fruit is loaded with good fiber content, vitamin A, B, and C and also packed with antioxidants. Researchers explained that the fruit can avert cancer and also these antioxidants assist in reducing the wrinkles, makes your hair soft and silky and makes your skin glow.

TREATS COUGH AND COLD: When monsoon starts, people might suffer from cough and cold. The children get affected due to infections and some might have lesser immunity power. So, we have our best natural medicine fruit ‘chikoo’ which helps boost up your immunity and fights the congestion as per the studies. They are helpful in wiping out the phlegm and mucus and thus clears the nasal passage and respiratory tract.

GREAT ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Chikoo is known for its good in tannins content, which in turn helps in aiding the inflammation, soreness, and aching of the body. It also helps in treating irritable bowel syndrome and gastritis.

HELPFUL DURING PREGNANCY: Chikoo contains the electrolytes and carbohydrates which are great for the women who are going to be mothers. Experts explain that the fruits could be helpful in alleviating morning sickness and fainting. You could check with your doctor and go on with a diet chart.

ENHANCES DIGESTION: So, we do know that fruits that contain fiber are helpful in digestion and treats in proper bowel movement. Believe it or not, chikoo has a high amount of dietary fiber and this, in turn, helps in relieving constipation. It also supports the colons’ membrane and makes it resistant to infections as well. Thus, it is good for digestion.

Add chikoo to your daily diet, you could see the difference in your improving health!

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