The Most Sexiest Ways To Tease Your Partner For A BED SHAKING SEX


The Sexiest Ways To Tease Your Partner In Bedroom

Be an expert in teasing your partner!

Build a healthy relationship and enjoy a happy bonding together!

Having your partner’s attention towards you is the best thing you could earn in your relationship. But how could you build attraction? Well, here is the easiest way to build the attraction which is by teasing your partner. When it comes to building up sexual tension, teasing is your weapon to do so. It is all according to your activities of teasing your partner such as flirting, being playful and it is nothing but an initiative step by you to seduce your partner.

Researchers have revealed that both men and women have a similar motive behind teasing that is to make them sexually involved together or just to confirm how much their partner is need of them. However, some use teasing as a way to get closer than before. But when you are playfully teasing your partner, it would definitely lead nothing but to the happy sex life. It would create a strong bond between the couples as well as turns them into happy individuals. So, Let’s check out the few ways to tease your partner.

INITIATE TEASING BEFORE YOU JUMP INTO THE BED TOGETHER: You could possibly do anything to have sexual tension with your partner. You could attract your partner by all means and everything is in the playful game. You just have to strike the good and best teasing to have a good time together. You could talk about your past good memories to tease your partner when you are out of your home. You could have a dancing session or you could have an imagination talk with your partner. Also, you could give an unexpected flirting session and keep it as long as you could outside the bedroom. When you tease your partner in the bedroom, you have to play it a little careful. You should never have any assumptions about what might turn your partner on but you should have to be more attentive and reactive to your partner’s wishes and needs. Try new things and do not hesitate to do so.

SEXUALLY TRIGGER YOUR PARTNER FOR A NEW FEEL: Just stimulate your partner by touching him or her in the unexpected parts of the body. This would definitely turn your partner to turn on and respond back to you. Well, you could touch the scalp of your partner which might seem to be really unexpected by it is so sensitive when touched. In fact, it let out the happy-hormone such as serotonin and dopamine as well. On the other side, it is wrists that are sensitive too because of the thin skin. Additionally, sacrum is otherwise known as the lower back, where the sacral nerves is located. So, a slight touch at the lower back would turn your partner on. The nerves also strike directly down to the vagina accordingly.

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