The Most Surprising Health Benefits of SEX During Periods



No more dilemmas about indulging in sexual intercourse during periods.

Sex drive helps you to have a shorter period of menstruation.

Well, the answer to the question is YES. Ladies! You can indulge in sexual activities during your periods. Generally, women might have met up with suggestions that not to involve in sensual pleasure during menstruation. But what if you hear that it is healthy to have sex during your periods? Definitely, indulging in sex during periods can never be unhealthy and menace until you feel nervous about it. There will always be a dilemma about having sex during periods but you no need to avoid sex during menstruation. Meanwhile, you should have safe sex due to the chance of getting infected by involving in unsafe sex. Do remember that safe and protected sex matters even if you are menstruating. Undoubtedly, you might think that there will not be any chance to get pregnant. However, you can still get pregnant during periods and so you should have safe sex theoretically. At the same time, here are the few benefits of having sex during periods.


DIMINISHES THE MIGRAINE: Often, women get headaches during menstruation time. By indulging in sensual pleasure, the endorphins which let out will help you to get rid of headaches and relaxes the mind. Since the mind is dosed with sexual activity, it can help you think of other things rather than migraine. You will feel the merriment and also feel refreshed as well.

ALLEVIATES CRAMPS: Menstrual cramps are a common issue that will be experienced by most women during periods. Cramps may cause when the coating of your uterus is shrunk. Howbeit, the coating of the uterus expands when you enter an orgasm zone. Additionally, the release of endorphins will help you to feel relax and lowers the pain.

SURGES THE SEXUAL DRIVE: Scientifically, the sex drives in women kick-off two weeks before the menstruation period and gradually levels up throughout the periods. This is because of the hormonal undulation, which causes the libido of the women to shift throughout the menstruation week.

DECREASES THE DAYS OF PERIODS: Isn’t it cool to hear that you can have a shorter period of menstruation? Yes! When you indulge in sexual intercourse, your muscle gets contract. It is due to this muscle contraction during orgasm helps to push the uterine contents faster than before. As a result of flushing out the uterine contents, you can enjoy shorter periods.

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