Top Health Benefits of Sleeping on Korai Mats

Korai mats are a necessity that practically everyone in Tamil Nadu utilises for sleeping. The habit has been passed down from generation to generation, and to be honest, we don’t think we’d be able to live without it. It is one of the greatest mats for sleeping on the floor and provides numerous health benefits to your body. So, if you’ve been sleeping on korai mats for a long time and want to learn about some of the health benefits they offer, keep reading!

Benefits of sleeping on Korai Mats:
Regulates your body temperature

You may have noticed that several mattress manufacturers are now producing items that help regulate your body temperature while you sleep. The ancient method of obtaining this advantage is to sleep on a korai mat. We don’t need to tell you how hot it gets in Tamil Nadu during the summer. So it was and still is critical to use Korai mats while sleeping to allow your body to adapt to the temperature while sleeping. This allows you to sleep more comfortably without becoming too cold or hot.

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Free of chemicals

While mattresses provide tremendous comfort to your body after a long day at work, korai mats, unlike most mattresses, are completely free of chemicals. The mattress will include a lot of dangerous substances because it is made with simply comfort in mind. It is unlikely that many people will have an impact, but some may. That is one of the primary reasons why korai mats are preferable to mattresses for sleeping.

Helps improve spinal support

Sleeping on the floor with a korai mat is one of the finest ways to ensure that your spinal cord is properly positioned. This is especially critical for kids (like toddlers). Because children become accustomed to what they are taught from an early age. The same is true for their health. Allowing kids to sleep on korai mats at any time of day will ensure that their spine is always aligned. Sleeping on korai mats will have no negative consequences on you or your children.

Completely antifungal and hypoallergenic

Korai mats are one of the best suggestions for people who suffer from allergies. They are fully antifungal and are suitable for anyone who is prone to colds or allergies. Unlike mattresses, korai mats do not harbour dust, fungi, germs, or viruses. They keep everything that could trigger an allergic reaction in a human body from existing inside them. As a result, it is an excellent option for persons who have sensitive allergies.

Provides comfort for many

Last but not least, korai mats provide a great deal of comfort for your body. After becoming accustomed to sleeping on mattresses, first-time users may feel that it is insufficiently comfortable. However, after a few trials, you will notice how much your posture has improved along with your sleep. And, because it is environmentally friendly, you won’t have to sacrifice sustainability for comfort, as you do with mattresses.

Who should use korai mats?

Korai mats can be used by anyone to obtain all of the health advantages described above. Certain persons, however, should consider using korai mats on a regular basis for improved health. We’ve included a list of them below.

People who have severe or mild back discomfort
Pregnant women and children as young as four months
People who suffer from sensitive allergies and other health conditions such as migraines, asthma, and so on.

How can you use korai mats?

As previously indicated, korai mats can be used to sleep on the floor for improved spinal support. However, sleeping on the floor can be more difficult during the colder months. In that situation, you can place a mattress on the floor and sleep on the korai mat above. If you don’t like the notion of sleeping on the floor, you can put the korai mat on your regular bed, with or without mattresses.

How long have you been using korai mats, and how has it benefited your health? Tell us in the comments!

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