3 Ancient Healthy South Indian Foods to be Added

The ancient South Indians ate a variety of excellent meals that kept them healthy and strong for a long period. You may have noticed that your family’s elders are in better health than those of us in our 30s and 40s. Nowadays, many people begin to experience deficits and severe health problems in their late twenties. The main reason for this is the food we consume. Most of us do not have the time to make and eat healthy foods on a regular basis. We are so focused on our jobs and money that we neglect to take care of our health.

So we decided to do some study and discover some of the best ancient-healthy South Indian foods. And after discovering so many delicious nutritious meals, we decided to write about them in the hopes that many more people will start eating them again. Let’s get started, shall we?

Ancient-healthy South Indian foods to include in your diet often:
Kambu Soru

In Tamil Nadu, Kambu Soru is usually referred to as Kammanchoru. It is thought to have originated in the Kongunadu region. This nutritious dish is made with Kambu, also known as Pearl Millet in English, and other ingredients like chopped onions are added while eating. The pearl millet (Kambu) is steeped in water before being ground into a fine powder. The mixture is then cooked until it thickens to the consistency of porridge and is rolled into medium-sized balls.

Many people prefer to soak these Kambu balls in water for a few hours before eating them for dinner or breakfast. However, you can eat it soon after boiling it with other foods such as spinach. The fermented balls are wonderful when combined with curd and some type of fry, such as nethili fry. You can consume this old healthy meal during the summer to keep your body cool.

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Vazhaipoo Kootu

Vazhaipoo is one of the healthiest foods you can consume, and thanks to the internet, more people are becoming aware of this overlooked south Indian delicacy. It is one of the most wonderful foods you can prepare with Vazhaipoo. You may also make Vazhaipoo Vadai or Vazhaipoo Dosa by including banana flower florets into the batter. However, this Vazhaipoo Kootu can be a tasty side dish for rice for lunch or dinner.

Urad Dal, Curd, Moong Dal, Coconut, Onions, and Tomatoes are some of the things you may need to make this ancient healthy dish. Other spices and ingredients may be required to make the food appetising. It may appear to be a difficult dish to prepare, but once you get the hang of it, you will fall in love with it.


Kali was once a popular healthful dish in south Indian households. You may not have heard of it till now if you are in your early twenties or a teenager. Others, on the other hand, may have tried it at least once in their lives, prepared by their grandmother or mother. There are numerous Kali variations that you may not be aware of. The most prevalent Kali is Ragi Kali, which is prepared from Ragi. Most people prefer to eat this traditional meal sweet, but you may make it salty by adding the essential components.

Rice kali and Ulundhu kali with sesame oil and jaggery also were delicious options. If you enjoy sweet meals for breakfast, this is a terrific choice. Kali tastes similar to sweet Pongal but is considerably healthier.

Other South India’s most ancient healthful foods include:

Kootukari is a Kerala native.
Palaya Soru is a Tamil Nadu-based dish.
Kepa Koozh is a dish that originated in Tamil Nadu but is now popular throughout South India.

What are your thoughts on these traditional South Indian dishes? Do you still eat them on a daily basis? Please let us know!

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