Ways to Help Someone with PCOS

PCOS is quite widespread throughout the world, but it can still be difficult to live with. Especially when you can’t think of any method to ask for support from others. From managing the symptoms to dealing with the emotional health issues produced by PCOS, you will require the care and assistance of those closest to you. If you agree with what we just mentioned, please share this post with your family and friends so they can help you. And, before you go, we’d like to assure you that you can get through this. If you keep fighting, you might be able to live the life you’ve always desired. Now,  here are the ways to help someone with PCOS if you are friends with them.

Ways to help someone with PCOS:
Book their appointments

Seeing a gynaecologist ensure that everything is in order with their body is something that all women should do on a regular basis. However, for women with PCOS, this is a must. Every gynaecologist has a unique timetable and treatment plan. Some doctors prefer that patients come in once a month, while others prefer that they come in every few months. The appointments can be scheduled based on your loved one’s symptoms or the doctor’s prescription.

In any case, you can assist the woman you care about who is suffering from PCOS by keeping track of their doctor appointments. Because it may be more difficult for them to keep track of everything they must. This is due to the fact that women with PCOS must modify several aspects of their usual lifestyle. So simply assisting them in keeping track of their appointments is a terrific place to start.

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Listen to what they’re going through

Many women have stated that they feel significantly better when they receive emotional assistance. Women with PCOS who are surrounded by people who try to understand their problems are more likely to have a healthy life than those who are not. So the most beautiful thing you can do for a loved one suffering from PCOS is to listen to them. Ask them how they’re feeling and don’t suppress their emotions.

Every woman has a unique experience, and they are not required to relate to all that other women have gone through. So don’t dismiss their feelings and coping techniques simply because you’ve never heard of them. Being present, showing up, listening, and honestly attempting to understand their challenges is something that everyone who works with women with PCOS should do.

Help adjust to their lifestyle

Women with PCOS, as previously stated, are expected to make numerous lifestyle adjustments. There are a lot of adjustments, from confining themselves to particular foods to making sure they work out enough or not working out too much. If you live with someone who has PCOS, try to be a part of their lifestyle adjustments to make things easier for them.

You can attempt not to include items they don’t eat so they don’t feel excluded. You can be their fitness buddy to reassure them that they are not alone on this path. You can also ensure that they take their medications correctly. Another crucial thing you may do is inform your other family members and friends about your loved one’s situation. You can also encourage them to attend gatherings where they can discuss the symptoms and challenges of PCOS. The most important thing is to assist them in dealing with this condition in whatever way you can so they do not feel utterly alone.

Bottom line, after being diagnosed with PCOS, individuals may feel as if they will never be able to live the life they desired. They can, however, get over this with the help and understanding of family and friends. Never forget that it is a difficulty for them, and continue to learn more about it.

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