Your Wrists Yearn for Your Attention: 5 Best Wrist Exercises to Master Now

From doing official works to scrolling your phone late at night, your wrists work more than any part of your body. Wrists are one of the essential body parts that help the palm of your hand to move. Working for hours at home or office in front of the screen makes your wrists tired. Your fingers would be running all over the keyboard with the help of your wrists. So, pause for a second in your bustling life and think how your wrists work all day. Did you get it? Yes, your wrists yearn for your attention. You do not have to think hard as we are already here with the 5 best wrist exercises to master now. All you have to do is to continue reading to include the following 5 best wrist exercises to master now. Isn’t it simple?


To make your wrists feel strong and flexible, you have to practice this simple stretch. All you have to do is to stand as if you are going to pray and join your palms together. Make sure your fingertips are below your chin. This is the exact prayer position which the elderly people insist on doing. Also, ensure your hands are lowered to the waist level and pause the position for about 20 seconds. Practice it three times for better wrist health.

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Make use of the yellow smiley ball you are keeping on your table. Alternatively, you can also use a towel to perform this simple exercise. Take and hold the ball in your hand firmly. Now, start squeezing your ball thereby holding on to it for a few seconds. Do it at least 5 times during the intervals.


Otherwise known as the popular warm-up exercise, range of motion is a must thing to follow. People often practice this while doing Yoga. To perform this exercise, you just have to bend your arms and hold them. With the ready fist, you just have to move it in a circular motion or up and down about 10 times. Also, make sure to move the wrists left and right post-exercise.


This is the simplest form of exercise you can ever come across. You do not have to move from your place but can do it from where you are. While you are working, you can do it in between your work. Keep your palms against or under the desk and press the surface of it. Ensure to pause the press for a few seconds and then rest it.


Do not imagine it will be tough to perform. Yes, it is just as easy as other exercises. You just have to walk and take a position in front of the wall and keep your palms against it. Make sure your fingers point up and move your wrists up as if you are walking with your hands. Then, with the fingers being pointed down, move your wrists to walk on the wall about 10 times. Making it a practice can strengthen the wrists and ditch the weakness.

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