4 Health Myths to Keep Period

Perhaps, India is a mythically bounded land where we have been infused with several myths and we even think it would be true for years and years. However, we could be following some myths by believing them to be true and good for us. Similarly, we do have a few common health myths which we think would be helpful in our life. What if all these myths are not true? Or what if they are just contradictory to what you believe it is? Yes! It is time to know the contradictory information and quash all these myths right away. Here are the 4 health myths to keep period.


Well, we have a preconceived notion that being in a cold environment could have a chance of getting cold. It has been in belief for years amongst people that the poor weather outside could have the possibility to invite virus and thus causes cold. However, people could prone to cold viruses called “rhinoviruses” which could be infected through physical contact or in the same space as infected people. Mostly through the act of coughing or sneezing, people could be infected. And now, it is seen that being in a cold atmosphere causes cold is merely a myth and not true in the case of reality.

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Most of us intentionally peel off the outer layer of fruits and vegetables because we think that it would affect our bodies anyway. However, the skin of fruit and vegetables such as potatoes, apples, carrots and citrus fruits are loaded with more beneficial nutrients than the pared ones. For instance, the skin of the apple contains 20% calcium and 115% of more vitamin C than a peeled apple. Yet another amazing thing is that the skins of the fruits and veggies are rich in fibre and would help you stay fuller for a long time, this, in turn, helps in reducing your weight. Next time, do not cut out the nutrients and just forget the myth.


Are you worried about putting on weight due to the intake of snacks in the evenings? If you think so, it is wrong! It is absolutely fine to grab cookies or chocolates at late-night. Studies have proved that eating at night would not uplift your weight more than eating during the daytime. Well, people might feel hungry while they work all day and children would also go snacking in the evenings. It is totally fine to have your favourite delicious bites of snacks in the evenings. But what matters is what you are eating and the quantity of it rather than when you are eating. However, if you are craving to eat a snack during day time, just keep it for the evenings.


Of course, water is not the only source of hydration, we do have other sources of foods and drinks which provide fluid to our body simultaneously. Even though there is no scientific evidence to drink eight glasses of water every day, people considered the myth to be true. Meanwhile, the quantity of fluid our body needs would be varying from person to person according to their age, amount of exercise, climate, and diet.

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