4 Queer Couple Influencers to start follow from this V-day: The Aphrodite Series

Following couple influencers on social media platform never gets out of trend. But are you following any queer couple influencers? If not, then here is an amazing list of queer couple influencers who are living their life to the fullest. Finding love in the same sex hits different and cannot expect your family to approve your love anytime. While marrying a same-sex person cannot be an easy task, growing up as a queer person is not a smooth way too. Howbeit, there are some families who support their queer children and let them live their dream life. Speaking of queer, we cannot take our eyes from queer couples celebrating their love and cherishing it. They even reinstate the belief in love within us, don’t they? While queer love is beautiful, we have a list of queer couple influencers from around the world to follow.

Sonu & Nikesh:

If you are hearing the names for the first time, then you suggest have to head to their official Instagram page – @sonu-nikesh. The Kerala-based gay couple who has got married in 2018 and it was marked to be the first open gay marriage in the state. Ever since Sonu and Nikesh got hitched, they have been into spreading awareness about the queer or LGBTQ+ community. Not only do they own an official Instagram page but also the gay duo use to post vlogs on their YouTube channel. Residing in Kochi, Sonu and Nikesh impart the glimpse of their happy and healthy lifestyle as queer couple.

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Allie & Sam:

Allie & Sam

Next on the list, we have a queer couple travel bloggers. Allie and Sam are new mothers to their twin-kids as they recently welcomed into their life. The lesbian couple is a complete family now with two infants and five pets. Allie and Sam throw some major travel couple goals. They said ‘I do’ on September 2019 that held an intimate wedding ceremony. The couple owns an YouTube channel with 145k subscribers wherein they post their daily routine and what they do as a queer couple. Follow them: @allieandsam on Instagram.

Aditya Madiraju & Amit Shah:

As expecting dads, Aditya and Amit make a blend of best fashionable couple who tied knot on 2019 in a traditional Hindu-based way. The Indo-American couple had a grandeur and desi Indian wedding which manifest the celebration of togetherness and their love for each other. As of now, the same-sex couple are expecting a child and are ready to welcome their little nugget on May 2023. Married for 3 years, the husbands post incredible contents on their social media platform including beauty, makeup, queer advocacy, lifestyle and we cannot miss their beloved pet, Adam. Can’t wait to hit the follow button? Scroll through their Instagram handles: @adityamadiraju & @thisisamitshah.

Gabi & Shanna:

With 75.6K followers from Instagram, Gabi and Shanna are a vegan lesbian couple from New York. The digital creator couple has an official Instagram account – @27travels which is popular on social media where they post their travel stories. Like other lesbian couple, the travel duo shows us the major ‘Bon Voyage’ world while filling their page with vibrant posts. The colourful and radiant posts from their queer lifestyle impart the best queer couple goals. Check out their account now!

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