5 Teenage Dreams that Take You Down the Memory Lane

We all had those big dreams or as we liked to call them ‘Teenage dreams’ in our teen years. As an adult, many of us have figured out that life is not like the dream we thought as a teenager. We don’t get to do every single thing we dreamed of doing as an adult. Some of us couldn’t even wait to become an adult to finally experience all the beautiful things this world can offer. But that didn’t exactly happen.

We have learned that life is not easy and it is not supposed to be. So if you have been feeling a bit down and would like to relive some teenage dreams, keep reading. We are going to talk all about teenage dreams we have all had during our adolescence.

Teenage dreams that make you down the memory lane:
Travelling with the BFFs

This is the most common teenage dream that every teen thinks about. Not just then but even now. For some, it may have come true by now but for most people, it just didn’t happen. But hey, don’t give up just yet. If you have been so busy with your adult life lately, this might be the right time to start the plan. Maybe you and your BFFs will finally travel to all the places you want very soon!

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Meeting the celebrity crush

Everyone has had their fair share of celebrity crushes in their life. This habit peaks during the teen years. We don’t know about you but we know people who have had crushes on almost all the celebrities they see on TV. But it is a big teenage dream to meet them in real life. And we shouldn’t exactly limit this one to just a teenage dream. Because let’s be honest, celebrity crushes will never go away.

Having a dream job

Most of us are now stuck in jobs we don’t even like. Artists are practising their art during their time, Writers are now in a corporate company etc. But some of us are working hard to make a living out of our passions. So if you successfully found your true passion and are not stuck in a job you don’t like, you already won in life. And for others who are in fact stuck in jobs, they don’t enjoy, you can start over anytime you want.

Marrying the high school sweetheart

Everyone thought that marriage and weddings are simple and happy things in life when they were teenagers. Yes, we are talking about you too. We know a few people who couldn’t wait to marry their high school girlfriend or boyfriend as soon as they become an adult. But we do understand that things aren’t that easy. But if you are still with your high school sweetheart, you are amazing. You are halfway there and never let that person go.

Living with your best friend

Didn’t we all make plans to buy a small house and live with our best friend forever as a teenager? That seemed to be the important teenage dream for a lot of people back then. But just imagine, living with your best friend in the whole world and doing whatever you guys want in your own home. That is the dream. And it still isn’t late to do that in our opinion. So what’s stopping you?

Well, those were some of the teenage dreams that made us remember all the good times. What were yours? Let us know below!

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