Gardening is one of the beautiful hobbies you could ever master in your entire life. When it comes to picking plants for growing, people might be in dilemma about the condition of the soil and the atmosphere of their house or backyard and what kind of plants suits them the most. Meanwhile, some plants would survive in extreme drought conditions without a drop of water. So, check out the nature of these amazing drought resistant plants which hardly require water to grow. Continue to read!


Aloe vera is one of the popular succulent plants which survive both arid and semi-arid conditions. This medicinal plant has fleshy and thick leaves for accumulating water and grows in tropical and hot and dry places. Today’s world has aloe vera under the top drought tolerant plants list. The plant has been praised for its wonderful health and beauty benefits.


Being a perennial flowering herb, lavender is categorized under the mint family which would even tolerate the heat. The essential oil of lavender has the power to ease the mind and body thereby de-stressing your entire body. The mesmerizing aroma of the flower is used in aromatherapy to erase the headaches and the oils would help prevent acne and condition the hair.

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Otherwise known as Rubrum, Fountain grass is extremely drought resistant when fully grown. Mostly grown as an ornamental plant, fountain grass has purple leaves along with the rosy flower.


Yet another drought-tolerant plant is Euphorbia which would be easily grown indoors according to the plant species. Native to southern Africa, the plant has been spotted in almost every part of the world. Euphorbia does not need any special attention as it could be grown naturally in places with water scarcity. Meanwhile, the plant gives poisonous milky latex which causes skin irritation and even blindness but it is considered to treat ulcers.


You could not forget cactus just like that as it is known to be a xerophytic succulent plant that could be extremely drought tolerant as well. It requires only a little amount of water to grow and survive the highly dehydrated areas including the desert.

Unlike other plants, the Cactus is a famously known drought tolerant plant that is familiar to the entire world. The sharp thorns as leaves of the plant would prevent the loss of water and it dwindles especially during the dry season to use the stored water. Nature is amazing, isn’t it?

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As an evergreen thorny ornamental bush, Bougainvillea is usually grown in the coastal regions due to its natural tolerance for salty water. It comes with varieties of colours such as pink, purple, red, and magenta which could be perfect for growing at your house on the walls, hanging baskets, and fences as it would be easy-peasy for you to grow and maintain.


Otherwise known as the Moss rose, Portulaca is native to Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. Being an annual drought-tolerant succulent flower, the plant has succulent leaves and intensely growing roots that would grow without the water for the long run.

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