Are You Crushing on Someone? Here are the Types of Crushes You Should Know

The term ‘Crush’ is frequently misunderstood. People seem to believe that having a crush on someone means you are romantically attracted to them. However, this is not always the case. Even if you are attracted to them, it is possible that you want to be just friends with them. It could also be because you admire them and want to connect with them. Most crushes are romantic, but there are many platonic crushes as well.

Continue reading if you’re unsure whether you have a crush on someone. And keep reading if you’re totally confused as to what kind of crush you have on someone in your life.

Types of crushes you should know about:
A platonic crush

A platonic crush is all about connecting on a deeper level with someone. Many people confuse this type of crush with romantic feelings. It could be because you want to be with that person all the time, talk to them, share your feelings, and so on. There is a chance that platonic crushes will develop into romantic feelings, but this will not be the case for everyone. This type of crush occurs when you feel a connection and attraction to a friend, colleague, or other people.

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An admiration crush

Everyone has crushes on certain people because they admire them so much. This type of crush could be on a celebrity, a teacher or mentor, a colleague or classmate who has accomplished a lot in life, and so on. An admiration crush occurs when you have strong feelings for someone you have idolised for a long time. If you give it some time or spend enough time getting to know the other person, this type of crush will pass.

A romantic crush

This is the most common type of crush that most people experience when they meet someone they like. It could be because of how they look, how they act, what they do, and a variety of other factors. A romantic crush occurs when you can’t stop thinking about someone, imagining yourself with them, imagining a future, and so on.

What are some things to notice to figure out if you have a crush?

If everyone around you thinks you have a crush on someone but you’re not sure, read on for some things to look out for in yourself.

You always want to impress them

Some people like to impress their crush by dressing well, while others like to show off their skills and do things that their crush enjoys. If you’re doing any of these things while thinking about your crush, you’re obviously feeling something strong for them.

You act different around them

You may want your crush to think you are outgoing or introverted, depending on their personality. When you see your potential crush, you automatically start talking and acting differently. These are some more indications that you have a crush on the person your friends have been raving about.

You value their opinion

The thoughts and opinions of that one person you are thinking about are important to you. You appear to be asking what they think about whatever you intend to do. And even if the person says something that contradicts what you were thinking, you still respect and adore them.

You cannot stop thinking about them

It is quite normal to be obsessed with someone you have a crush on when you are still in the early stages. Some crushes will fade with time. However, if you can’t stop thinking about them in any way, it’s possible you have a lot of strong feelings for them.

In the end, some crushes fade away with time, whereas others may have a significant impact on your feelings. Most people do not act on crushes unless they are certain they have romantic feelings for them. So how you want things to play out is entirely up to you.

What did you do when you had a crush on someone and what became of that person? Please let us know!

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