How do Nicknames Enhance Your Love Bond?

We need to ask you a question. Have you ever been in a relationship? If yes, would you like to be called something sweet or cute by your partner? The answer we got from our side is: Absolutely! Who wouldn’t like to be called by cute nicknames that make you feel like you have butterflies in your stomach right? Most people have nicknames for everyone they love and not just for their life partners. From parents to friends who barely even speak, people tend to have a nickname to call people so that the conversation they have feels personal.

But did you know that having nicknames for each other actually enhances your bond? Like we mentioned earlier, not just with life partners but with everyone.

Do Nicknames enhance your bond?

A study recently found that nicknames can create a strong bond with people. This study was actually a survey that over 1000s of adults answered honestly.

We have to be honest so you can relate to something here. Getting called by nicknames may feel embarrassing at first. Like when our moms call us ‘Baby boy’ or ‘My baby girl’. When our partner calls us ‘Babe’ or ‘Honey’ or anything cute it might feel strange at first. But if you have been in a relationship, you would know that you do start feeling good about being called using a nickname. You start to feel a bond with the other person. The bond becomes so strong that whenever the other person calls you by your name, you feel that you are in trouble or a serious situation.

Yes, it is true. You have probably heard about what we just said from a lot of couples before. If you didn’t believe them, let us clarify that it is indeed true.

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Do nicknames work for everyone?

But we do have to clarify something. You can only fix a nickname to someone if they like it. If they don’t like it or if you sense that they feel uncomfortable, you should back off and stop calling them by the nickname. Some people don’t like to be called by special nicknames and everyone should respect that. Maybe they only like it if the nickname is coming from an intimate partner or maybe they don’t like it from anyone. Either way, don’t force the nicknames onto someone. Even if they are your partner.

Now let’s discuss some popular nicknames across the world, shall we?

Popular Nicknames across the world:

Babe / Baby
Sweetie / Honey
Beautiful / Gorgeous
Chico (for men) / Chica (for women)
Mi Amor
Tea Cup
Love / Lovely
Cute stuff
Batman and Catwoman

And those are some of the popular nicknames people use to call their friends, significant others, parents, etc.

Hope you enjoyed this post about how nicknames enhance your bond. Do you have any more nicknames that you would like to share? What is a nickname that you use to call your friends or partner or parents or kids by? Let us know all about it in the comment section.

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