How to do a digital detox – Tips and things to do

We know what you are thinking. You’re probably thinking there is no way we can go technology free these days, right? But there is. Ever since COVID- 19 restrictions came along, people are starting to monitor how many hours they spend on techs in a day. Some of them being extremely disappointed about how much time they do spend, started a trend. But we are not here just because of a trend. We are here because we probably need it. So here’s your guide on how to do a digital detox for a day (at least).

Be sure to read the full article to get the gist because it is not as easy as people make it out to be.

How to do a digital detox?

A digital detox doesn’t just mean that you take a break from your smartphones and laptops. You have to stop using much more than that. Here is a list of things that you can’t and shouldn’t use during a digital detox:

  • Smartphones and laptops/desktops
  • Gaming devices/consoles
  • Smartwatches and any kind of wearable tech
  • Cameras (except the polaroid ones)
  • Smart devices like home assistants, smart speakers, smart vacuums etc.

Don’t worry. You can still use kitchen appliances like electric stove, microwave and home electric appliances like vacuum cleaners. The agenda here is to let go of the things that we spend too much time on unnecessarily.

If you still think you can do it, read on to find out a schedule to follow during digital detox.

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What to do during a digital detox
  • We created a manageable schedule you can follow during your digital detox.
  • Wake up early and turn off your smartphone, laptops etc. Be sure you plan things ahead and inform the people who talk or contact you every day. We don’t want them to think something happened to your digital detox.
  • Go for a hike or a walk. After eating or drinking something of course. If you are not a hike or a walking person, do some workouts, at least for an hour.
  • Eat your favourite meal but don’t get takeout. Try to cook it yourself because you have the time now.
  • Take a good shower or a bath and go do some exploring where you live. If you live in some village setting then it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find some peaceful place and relax. And if you live in the city or somewhat of a city, visit some places that you never have before.
  • If you are someone who loves reading books, get yourself into one. And if you are not a book person, do some shopping. You don’t have to necessarily buy everything you see. Just go explore and buy some things to treat yourself. Even if it is a snack or something, it’s okay.
  • By now you should have reached at least afternoon or late afternoon. Eat your lunch and get some sleep because you woke up early and you deserve it.
  • After a good nap, drink some tea and enjoy yourself a bit. By now you will probably be bored out of your mind. So we suggest you do some work for your home. Like cleaning, gardening (if you have one), arranging the things on your shelves etc.
  • You should have reached late evening after doing all of these things so you can now call it a day. Enjoy your dinner, talk to the people you live with and go to sleep early.
  • People usually journal before sleeping to record their process of digital detox. So if you want, you can do that too.

Before starting this, remember to always plan the before itself. Also, do not try to do a digital detox on a workday. It is not possible because we rely on laptops and smartphones most of the time while we’re working. Plan, and do it on your off day and just enjoy yourself. The main thing to remember is don’t do it to punish yourself or something. Do it because you need it.

Have you ever gone on a digital detox? What do you think about this guide on how to do a digital detox? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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