The ‘Mealssheeats’ Power Couple (Tom & Rachel): The Aphrodite Series

The 2022 edition of Aphrodite Series had a separate chapter for this viral Tik Tok couple, Tom Sullivan and Rachel Sullivan. Similarly, we are going to have one this year under the same. Well, we cannot stop falling for this power couple as they complete a family now. As the world gets know who this power couple is, we are now here to impart the next amazing chapter about them under the series. Finding love and a supporting friend forever are the best gifts though. One such power couple is Tom and Rachel as we know how the secret Instagram account (@mealssheeats) that a husband started for his wife is well-admired by everyone. From feeding foods to college kids to making their healthy pregnancy journey, the couple made it happen with humanity, kindness, love, and friendship. The way they battled PCOD or infertility and now enjoying a parenthood for a little bundle of joy deserve a whole lot of attention. While the first edition of the series narrates how it all happened, the current edition and the final chapter of 2023 will serve as a sequel to it.

Food Plays a Significant Role in Tom & Rachel’s Life:

As the Sullivans welcomed their greatest gift on July 2022, Tom and Rachel named their daughter after a restaurant in Lexington Kentucky, Sutton’s – Sutton Ryleigh Sullivan. The restaurant was the place where the couple often meet while they were dating. It used to be their meeting spot then and they use to stop-by till date while on a trip or driving home to visit family. The couple also mentioned that it acts as a symbol of their love for each other.

Absolutely true that food is a foundation for the couple’s love. We do agree on this, aren’t we? The secret Instagram account to balance his wife’s hormones, feeding hundreds of college kids, cooking healthy foods, getting pregnant, their pregnancy journey, and welcoming their baby along with their pet dog, Odin have had food as a foundation. The power couple’s pregnancy did need a notice as they prepare a different recipe with a food as the size of their baby in womb.

The couple finally welcomed their baby and celebrates baby Sutton’s every month with a wholesome food menu. Adding to this, Tom and Rachel’s ‘Meals She Eats’ book is all set to drop on March 2023 and who else is ready to pre-order the book? The book manifests the significance of food and their life journey that brought them to this point. It is more of women’s health, PCOS, fertility, weight gain, unbalanced hormones and others on which the couple shares their insights. The book deal was started the same day they found out they were pregnant.

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The Matching Outfits of Daddy & Daughter:


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The duo has dropped a video today describing why Tom and Sutton wear matching outfits. The video has Rachel voiceover where she explains to battle PCOS that affects her fertility and so they ditched birth control to regulate menstrual cycle. The couple went for foods as a medicine to combat the condition. That’s when Tom actually started an account ‘mealssheeats’ to document the foods he prepares to get his wife’s hormones balanced. Eight months after opening the mealssheeats, Rachel surprised to know she was pregnant. They consider Baby Sutton as a result of how much the foods can impact the body. Now, her husband celebrates everyday with the baby as a gift by wearing the matching outfit. Rachel ends the video with some details of their book and a wholesome note that ‘everybody deserves a chance to have matching fits with their baby.’

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