Try these 7 Best Tips To Groom Your Dog

Being a dog owner comes with a list of responsibilities that one must take seriously. One of them is grooming your dog from time to time to maintain its healthy and attractive looks.

However, every dog owner is entitled to the grooming styles they adopt. The said styles depend on the breed, gender, and other guiding factors that help keep the owners and their dogs on their toes.

Some dogs may only require brushing their fur, while others have higher maintenance levels. Here are the seven best tips to groom your dog.

Bath Your Dog

It goes without saying that furry pets have higher chances of carrying pests like fleas around. Bathing your dog as frequently as once every month is quite beneficial. If your dog has a medical condition requiring more frequent bathing, you can make this an exception. A bath also comes in handy when your dog accidentally gets into a messy state.

Smelly spillages and other sources of putrid smell, such as coming into contact with a skunk, are reasons enough to get your dog in a tub full of water. While you’re at it, be sure to have all the necessary dog bath items.

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Clip Its Nails

Some owners may not realize it, but dogs get restless when their nails are overgrown. They find it difficult to walk around and even rest and take it easy. Clipping its nails gives it peace of mind and contributes to its overall wellbeing.

Have the necessary kit to carry out this process and ensure your dog is comfortable. Take your dog to a specialist or vet when you doubt how to clip its nails correctly.

Book an appointment regularly, depending on how quickly your dog’s nails grow. Pick a nail trimmer that accommodates your pet’s fears and insecurities when trimming. Some dogs might get too violent, causing untold harm to both of you.

Walk It

Dogs require regular exercise for them to thrive generally. Taking your dog for walks is one way to do this, giving you and your dog a chance to get plenty of fresh air.

Make it a routine such that your dog won’t make a fuss when it’s time to leave the house. Put a solid and comfortable leash on it to avoid running off to unfamiliar territories.

Shop around for the best dog collars and leashes whose reviews assure you of affordability and durability. This should be a bonding time to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Brush Its Teeth

Your dog encounters a series of meals and snacks at each waking moment. This means the bits are left in between and stay logged in for the longest time. Besides, this causes an array of dental problems.

Arm yourself with quality dog toothpaste that caters to your dog’s dental needs. For strong and healthy teeth, brush your dog’s teeth once every day. It cultivates a sense of routine that your dog won’t escape from even if it tries.

Reach deeper into the tongue and every tooth in your dog’s mouth to make brushing more effective. Ensure that your ideal dog toothpaste contains vital ingredients, including antifungal and antibacterial.
Check Its Ears

This is a rather sensitive mission that requires utmost precision and concentration. While checking your dog’s ears, ensure that it’s relaxed. Better still, wait for your dog to fall asleep to avoid occasional distractions.

Dog owners that feel incapable of handling such an operation can leave it in the capable hands of trained and certified specialists. You’ll know it’s time for a checkup when your dog keeps scratching its ears or when they smell odd.

Brush Its Coat

Since dogs are not meant for daily baths like humans, brushing their coats pretty much makes up for it. Invest in brushes that straighten out your dog’s fur and get rid of matting.

Brushing your dog’s coat is beneficial as it helps keep the fur looking shiny and healthy. Besides, dogs love the brushing session since it’s soothing and contributes to a healthy bonding time with their owner. Brush your dog’s coat twice or thrice a day, depending on your daily schedule. Avoid skipping days as it might be detrimental to your dog’s wellbeing.

Healthy Meals

Healthy feeding time should be part of your dog grooming routine because it helps keep your dog in tip-top shape. Only select meals, snacks, and drinks that hold the promise of a robust immune system for your dog.

When buying or preparing your dog’s meals, ensure it’s balanced. Dogs require nutrients to keep them strong. Making this a habit keeps them from falling sick and frequent patients at the vet’s office.

A balanced meal also keeps your dog’s skin looking and feeling healthy. Most dogs can be seen scratching because of poorly maintained skin. This leads to dryness and high infestation by fleas.


Having a dog around means, it’s part and parcel of your life and family. You have to think about its well-being at all times. Your dog must feel included to enhance security and its overall happiness. Carrying out all of the above grooming practices makes it feel loved and cared for. Your dog will be sure to reciprocate at every opportunity it gets.

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