Why Should You Ditch Using Gadgets While They’re Charging?

Electronic devices have become an integral feature of our daily life. As we speak, technology is becoming increasingly advanced, and we have no choice but to adapt and enjoy the benefits. However, everything becomes hazardous when used excessively. So remembering to live simply and without electronic gadgets such as smartphones is as crucial as adjusting to them. A common error that practically everyone with a smartphone makes is using it while it is charging. If you’re one of them, you should read this.

Reasons why you shouldn’t use your smartphone while it’s charging:
It overheats the phone

Yes, overheating is the first thing that will happen to your gadget if you use it while it is engaged in charging. So if you believe that the heating of your Smartphone does not require much care, you are incorrect; if you are doing this frequently, please stop as soon as possible. Leaving your Smartphone hot for an extended period of time will result in overheating, and you can easily relate to and visualise what overheating causes to your gadget in simplified terms.

If you continue to use your phone while charging then, it will overheat. And overheating might cause the dangerous chemicals in the battery to leak, forcing the battery to burst or the phone to shut down for good.

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It creates a bulge in your phone’s battery

Charging your smartphone when using it brings a new issue: it changes the size of your phone’s battery. Some of you may have observed it in previous mobile gadgets. And if you’ve observed it, you’re probably aware of what happens next after your Smartphone’s battery expands in size. Using the smartphone while it is charging might lead the battery to grow, resulting in the battery bursting. If you notice a little lump on the back of your smartphone, the battery has likely begun to bulge.

It affects the gadget’s charging capacity

The most basic of all repercussions would be a drop in the entire charging ability of your Smartphone. Previously, after a full charge, your Smartphone would provide you with around 15-18 hours of total playback/use time. And due to the issue caused by using your smartphone while charging, it may now give you an average usage time of roughly 7-8 hours or even less. If you continue to do this, it may drop to 3-4 hours of average playback time, or even worse.

It might damage your phone’s charger

If you are using your smartphone while it is still charging all the time, you risk damaging the charger. You may also need to replace it at some point. That may not appear to be a severe issue at first, but after more consideration, you may understand the disadvantages of your behaviour. Purchasing a new charger of the same brand and model would not be cost-effective. Purchasing an anonymous local charger, later on, could be even more disastrous.

It is dangerous for you

Now, forget all that has been mentioned above. You are wealthy and have millions of dollars in your bank account, so you could quickly replace one Smartphone with another if something like this happened. But, wait, will your wealth bring you back? No. You face the risk of electrocuting yourself if you use your smartphone while it is charging. If your battery explodes or you receive a strong electric shock, you could lose your life.

Here are some safety tips you should know for charging your smartphone:

* Use the chargers and batteries that arrived with your device and avoid using chargers from some of the other brands, even if they support your phone. It will have a severe long-term impact on the battery.
* Never charge your device overnight because it will overload the battery.
* Power banks are indeed a better way to charge your phone because they could be used on the move and do not require a socket.
* Mobile applications that claim to improve battery life should be avoided because they can have a damaging effect on battery life if used constantly. These applications also have a tendency to rapidly shut down other apps that are running, which might cause further issues.

Hope you found this post about why you should never charge your gadgets while charging helpful. Do let us know your thoughts below!

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