6 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid During Your Love Trip: Honeymoon


Oh, yeah! The time has arrived for you as well as for your partner to awake from your dream. All these days you could have to think of your existential partner or about spending the days ahead with your better half. Now it’s perfect for you to open the first page of your life-together novel. Yes! Honeymoon definitely sprinkles the rest of your life together and it is the celebration of your wedding. So, nothing is better than spending lovey-dovey days with your love by your side and feeling the ecstasy of your heart witnessing the pleasant world before. Both of you would have been filled with expectations and ensure you would never spoil any. So, here are the biggest mistakes to avoid your love trip when planning for the honeymoon.

Plan the trip by yourself:

Of course, you must have a discussion with your friends and family about planning the staggering trip. But what matters at the end is your own choice despite the others’ opinions because it is your honeymoon to make it cherishing with endless memories. Do not allow your close pals or relatives to plan the trip.

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The difference of opinion:

Probably, this is your first trip together and thus you would get to know about each other more than before. Even though you could not tolerate it, just do not make a big hell thing by yourself. If you think over it, the issue might be a simple thing that you are allowing yourself to worry about as well as your partner too. Remember, ‘no one is perfect’ though.

Fretting about money:

After all, it is your honeymoon and you are there to enjoy the indelible days of your life with your partner. So, just do not worry or check on your expenditure or have a close watch on your money every time. It would be the merriment filled days of your life and so stop checking your money every time you spend.

Constantly checking your phone:

This would be an infuriating one for your partner if you check on your mobile or scrolling your social media feeds. Capture your moments together to create awesome memories and not for the sake of posting it on social media. Cherish moments more than exposing it on social media.

Burning the midnight oil:

Well, you might want to create your night time special with your partner by doing romantic things and staring at the stars by standing in the balcony of your room. Meanwhile, you would be planning for the next day of your lovely sojourn and if you stay awake, it would be spoiled. After all, your honeymoon is what makes the major splashes of your life journey.


By comparing your experiences with your friend’s one or comparing to their way of enjoyment would not help you make your honeymoon an awesome one ever. Your experiences are more valuable and treasuring one than the others and so if you are going to juxtapose yours with someone else’s stuff, it would completely destroy your honeymoon entirely.

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