7 Breathtaking Locations In India For Paragliding You Should Visit


Almost humans love to watch birds flying as it exhibits how independent they are. Similarly, all of us would have imagined ourselves flying high in the sky amidst the lively blue sky at least once in our lives. Even if we traveled in airplanes, it might not touch our soul as if we are flying independently without any closed atmosphere. And so, we have been introduced to the crazy and hair-raising sport called Paragliding. While it has not been popular before in India, Paragliding is emerging as a popular sport now in India. So, let’s now check out the beautiful location in India for paragliding that offers adrenaline rush experience.

Bir Billing:

Being a hamlet in Himachal Pradesh, Bir Billing gives you the best paragliding in India. You might have already known that Himachal Pradesh would offer the best paragliding experience in India with abundant natural beauty, and it has about 11 amazing spots for paragliding among which Bir Billing is one. The cost starts from 2,500 rs/- and more.

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Kamsheet – The Bird’s Eye View of Deccan Plateau:

If you are looking for paragliding while vacationing in Pune and Mumbai, then Kamshet is a home for paragliding. This would offer the bird’s eye view of tiny shaped houses in the villages and the natural beauty surrounding them which you would cherish for a lifetime. You could fly like a bird here from 2,500 rs/- Yet another choice near Pune and Mumbai is Lonavala which is filled with greenery and it would best experience from 1,300 rs/- onwards.


As a famous tourist spot, Vagamon has been infused with everything your soul needs. Nestled in Kerala’s Idukki district, Vagamon has a stunning landscape with jungly hills and refreshing weather as well. And you could fly here more than enjoying the scenic beauty. It is one of the popular paragliding spots in India and you could also go for a Tandem flight as there are trained pilots available at the place. You could make it happen at the cost of 3,500 rs/- and above.


Goa’s Arambol is one of the perfect and beautiful places to get the most out of Paragliding. Do not forget to head towards Arambol if you are vacationing in Goa or planning a trip to Goa. This would offer you the best view of the environment from 1,900 rs/- onwards.


Along with the mesmerizing views of the Himalayas, you could also enjoy the best adventurous sport – Paragliding here at Gangtok. Flying high in the sky would provide the outstanding experience of natural screening of the Himalayas. Could you imagine the beauty of the Himalayas while you are flying like a bird? Well, this place would offer you the best of paragliding at Rs. 1,800 onwards.


Are you looking for paragliding in and around Chennai? Well then, you have to move towards Yelagiri which could be reached within 3 hours from the city. This lush green place would proffer you paragliding at the height of 2200 meters along with a clear view of gorgeous natural surroundings. Even Marina beach offers a stunning parasailing experience every day in the evening. Get the most out of both Paragliding and Parasailing at one place as well as at an affordable price.


Known to be a famous pilgrimage of Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani has been welcoming visitors from different parts of the world. The place is a great destination for honeymooners, and what makes it amazing is Paragliding. The paragliding from the Horizon point gifts you a bird’s eye view of this stupendous temple town, and you could also experience the picturesque sunset frame. So, why not choosing Panchgani? This would offer best at the cost of 2000 and above.

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