Best Pleasant Places You Should Take Your Parents To!

Traveling with friends is undoubtedly an exciting and fun experience. But how many of us will opt for a pleasant trip with our parents? This is definitely not boring as it may sound. A trip with your parents can give way more fulfillment than any other activity. Here, we will give you a list of the best places in India that are both fun and pleasant at the same time. We do have many pilgrim places which also have some scenic spots. You can definitely visit these places with your family and you will definitely not regret any time spent there.

This year give a worthy break to your parents from their mundane routines and plan a trip to any of these places. Who knows? This could also give you some most cherishable moments of your life. Here let’s look at the 7 best pleasant places you should take your parents to.

Rann of Kutch

This white salt desert in Gujarat is such an underrated tourist attraction. This place is great to visit with family as well as friends. The Rann of Kutch is not a typical deserted place and it has many unique attractions. Right from the scenic camel rides to the local tribes and arts, everything is bliss here. Try to visit this place between October to February. Also, the famous Rann Utsav which celebrates the life and crafts of Kutch happens around the same time. It offers the ideal opportunity to observe the region’s colorful culture in a lively way.

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This coastal city in Odisha is an absolute delight. From crystal clear beaches to ancient temples, this place has everything. Puri is India’s one of the four sacred places (Char Dharms). It has the famous Jagannath temple, Loknath temple, and many more. The serene beaches that border the eastern coast are worth visiting. The place also houses many migratory birds and is great for all those bird watchers. Thus Puri is one of the rare places where your parents can feel fun as well as spiritual salvation.


Haridwar in the state of Uttarakhand is a busy tourist site. This is the place where the Ganges emerges from the Himalayan foothills. Also, it is one of the most attractive holy places in India. Haridwar is a significant Hindu pilgrim site with numerous ashrams and Ayurvedic centers. Moreover, the mighty Ganges and the Himalayan foothills make it a picturesque relaxing spot. Here, the most notable attraction is the Ganga aarti which draws hundreds of worshippers and visitors. Furthermore, the area showcases a wide variety of flora and fauna and also houses the famous Rajaji National Park. Haridwar is also a great place if your parent loves bird-watching. You can also visit Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar which is a paradise for trekkers and bird watchers.

Himachal Pradesh

Another similar place with a gorgeous landscape is Himachal Pradesh. This place is also perfect for a fun family trip. This is because the place has everything from scenic spots to sporting activities. Himachal is a good choice for trekking trips and river rafting activities. If your parents are not for it, they can take a delightful break amidst the crisp Himalayan breeze, gentle rivers, and sunlight. Also, the place has some unique wildlife, and thus add the Great Himalayan Park to your itinerary as well. Some of the must-visit places in Himachal are Simla, Dharmashala, and Manali. You can choose the spot as per your parent’s preference.


Rameshwaram is roughly 40 km from Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. Thus the place is slightly isolated from the Indian mainland. The great Pamban bridge offers a connection between the island and the Indian mainland. The train ride along this bridge is such a scenic beauty which makes it a worthy spot. Also, Rameshwaram has many temples with great ancient architecture. The place is regarded as one of the holiest locations in India. Here, you can also witness the historic Adam’s bridge (Ram Setu) which is made of natural limestone shoals. This bridge is approximately 50 km long and it extends from the tip of Dhanushkodi to the Indian mainland. The temples, bridges, and clear blue beaches definitely make Rameshwaram a pleasant spot.


This is one of the best places in South India for a perfect family trip. From tall coconut trees to calm backwaters, the place has everything for proper rejuvenation. This little stretch of land bordering the Arabian Sea is known for its lush vegetation, diverse flora, wildlife, beaches, and picturesque scenery. This top tourist destination also has some great Ayurvedic spots. Here, your parents can witness the beautiful paddy fields, the local boat race, and the native choir-making activities. Also, Allepey has some best boathouses and homestays in the country.



Another place to visit with parents is this northeastern beauty. Here, you can ride the ferry across the majestic Brahmaputra. The dense greens and the unique spiritual sites make this place noteworthy. You can also visit the famous Kamkhya temple with your parents. Apart from that, Assam houses the popular Kaziranga National Park as well as the Gandhi Ashram. The place has some fantastic tea estates and safari spots.

A trip with your parents definitely needs a proper itinerary. You should respect their limits and consider their choices while planning stays and activities. Whatever the spot you choose, make a well-planned trip, and this can lead to many pleasant memories on the way.

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