Chota Kashmir In Mumbai! The Most Stunning Attraction To Visit Sooner

Chota Kashmir in Mumbai is one of the captivating places that welcomes visitors from every part of the world.


Chota Kashmir in Mumbai? Millions of dreams float within the passionate heart when it hears this name of the city – Mumbai! The city itself incorporated with Gateway of India, Chowpatty’s Chaat, flamboyant waves of Juhu Beach and is known for its stunning Bollywood things. Though it has amazing things to wonder at, some souls are searching for the perfect serenity amidst this metropolitan city.

The city never ceases to amuse you with its surprisingly hidden places. And Aarey Colony is here for those nature-seeking souls in Mumbai. It is at this colony, Chota Kashmir has been located which is the perfect place to be visited or for vacations. The place is considered to be the best spot to hang out either with your pals or family members.

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The Chota Kashmir garden is open all seven days of the week from 10 AM to 6 PM. Well! You might like to capture the moments while you could also cherish the memories as well. The ticket price of the place is also affordable and you should have to pay some extra money for the camera.  You can thoroughly enjoy the ambience by riding a boat on Kashmir Lake. By now you can also choose swan-shaped two, four and six-seater paddle boats according to your comfort. You might have also seen this particular garden in multiple Bollywood movies and it is situated naturally on the highest point of a little mount. Years ago, there were days when Bollywood could not shoot their film in Kashmir or Shimla and so they could shoot in this tiny Kashmir right here. The place is surged by uncountable visitors every day.

Overflowing with crowded vehicles, people and busy life, the metropolitan city has major impacts all over India. Mumbai is set to be the dream world for many humans but what if you found a dream place amidst this dream world? What if you inhale the moisturizing gentle Kashmir wind in Mumbai? So, it is truly the perfect place to be, at the end of the day. And that’s how Chota Kashmir emerges out of nowhere but naturally at the bosom of the dream city.


Just forget your past and future, you are right there in the centre of the lively Kashmir Lake of Mumbai which directly connects your heart with a beautiful side of Kashmir. It is only you in the middle of the lush green environment and just pay heed to the rhythmic sound of the water. It will provide you with a crystal clear mind and answers your chaotic mind with a wandering soul. Have a boat ride at this mesmerizing lake which will definitely take you to another world away from the city. The rides are open between 11 AM to 3 PM and you can enjoy the merriment ride for about 30 to 50 minutes. The charming place will kidnap you to nature’s paradise!

Never miss this amazing Kashmir experience in Mumbai in India and this is how you can interact with nature.

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