Kanyakumari: Cape Comorin, a Pleasant Sojourn to Southern Tip of India


It is witnessed that people of varied culture and foreigners from different lands come to visit this place. Kanyakumari is named after the Goddess Devi Kanya Kumari who is believed to be the sister of Krishna. It was called “Cape Comorin” during the colonization period of Britishers and then it was renamed as Kanyakumari by the Government. It is located at the convergence of the Western Coastal Plains and Eastern Coastal Plains. The place is packed with all its historical architectural wonder that would impress the people. It would never fail to surprise the visitors as it is covered with a bluish-green environment. Kanyakumari has been breathing since the Sangam period.

The first thing to plan before visiting the Southernmost tip of India is to visit the city before sunrise and so you could view the mesmerizing rays of the sun. The sun slowly plays peek-a-boo with the visitors as it knows they are right there to meet up. The viewpoint of sunrise is situated near the water of the sea.

Let me share my experience of viewing the sunrise.

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Places to Visit: 

The place where we stood to watch the sunrise had made our hairs to stand erect. It seemed like the gravitational force is too high. My friends and I started giggling at each other and we had been waiting since 5.30 am. The clock moved to 6.10 but the sun did not show up as it was cloudy and started raining little. Unfortunately, we could not view the sunrise. So, we visit other historical places out there in Kanyakumari.

The Vivekananda rock and Thiruvalluvar statue are best known for its hidden stories. Thiruvalluvar is an ancient writer, who wrote the world-famous ‘Thirukural.” His statue stood majestically amidst the water and it has all it is famous treasured within. The boat rides the midst of the cool breeze and bluish water makes you feel good. The small shops that surrounded the place with colourful things are the blissful things to visit. It is a good scenario to see kids crying for the toys and it would be such nostalgic things. Vattakottai is a vivid green place to spend time and you could view the whole of Kanyakumari. The air at this place is pure with all-natural scent and you could inhale the purest air in the world.

Special suggestion to visit Thiruparappu falls near Poovar is 55 km from Kanyakumari. This falls is a manmade one and get consumed by the greenery of the place. You could also take a boat ride at this place in the Pichaaru river. But you have to walk to the top of the falls, the place where the boat ride has been working on. On your way to the boat ride, you could have a walk with Nature and make you refreshed. Boating at this place will ensure you with peace because the water is tranquil. The green foliages would give you the way to enter water paradise. The natural shower is what we call the ‘Falls’ in this natural world. It is literally the place where you could enhance good experience and the knowledge of Nature.

All you can do now is to pack your back bags and dive into the Southernmost Tip of India.  

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