Things to do in Chota Kashmir: A Mini Replica of Kashmir in Mumbai

March is here and sun is getting hotter! This place can be a perfect summer gateway for all. Embark on an unforgettable adventure in the heart of India’s financial hub – Mumbai! Often referred to as City of Dreams, Mumbai has a lot to explore. One such place to visit is Chota Kashmir and it’s the city’s mini replica of Kashmir. The breath-taking place provides a tranquil and peaceful escape, with its miniature replica of Kashmir’s landscape. Here’s why it is considered to be one of the unique destinations in Mumbai. Check out what a mini replica of Kashmir has to excite you and things to do in Chota Kashmir!

Things to do in Chota Kashmir: Mini Replica of Kashmir
Visit the Boating Lake and Srinagar Garden:

Boating Lake is one of the main attractions in Chota Kashmir. So, start your exploration from here, thereby having a relax and leisurely boat ride. It does feature several attractive waterfront rides. After that, stroll through Srinagar Garden, featuring beautiful green plants and towering trees. Here you will find great spots for picnics and romantic dates amidst picturesque natural beauty.

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Explore the Valley of Flowers:

In our recent articles, you may have read ‘Valley of Flower’ where it has been mentioned often. So, it is an absolute visit for this year. Well, a great way to explore Chota Kashmir is by visiting the Valley of Flowers, tucked away at the back of Srinagar Garden. Stepping into it makes you feel as stepping into a world of Paradise. Enjoy blooming flowers and fragrant plants that have been shipped from different parts of the country, creating a beautiful contrast to the lush greenery. Take your time to appreciate the beauty and spend some moments peacefully in nature’s lap!

Spend time at Sheenu Chasmi’s Art Gallery:

Chota Kashmir does have more things for artsy people. If you’re looking for something more creative and cultural beyond the traditional greenery of Chota Kashmir, visit Sheenu Chasmi’s Art Gallery. ThE gallery features vibrant artworks that not only portray aspects of the local culture but also manifest inspirations from around the world. Why not take the time to appreciate some beautiful art and creativity in an otherwise peaceful landscape?

Enjoy picnic lunches at the Gandhi Udyan Park:

When it comes to food, exploring the taste world of the new place gives different excitement. The Gandhi Udyan Park, located within Chota Kashmir, is the perfect spot for a peaceful picnic lunch. This park is packed with lush greenery and shady trees making it an ideal spot to spend an afternoon basking in nature. Binge your lunch while taking in the sights and sounds of this charming little park and savour the tastes of home-cooked Kashmiri cuisine.

Take a stroll through the Rose Garden and Walled City Park:

In the heart of Chota Kashmir lies the Rose Garden and Walled City Park. This beautiful area is surrounded by walls and is filled with spectacular gardens containing a selection of rare roses from all over the world. Never miss going for a calming stroll amongst the flowers and observe their beauty. Enjoy the fragrant smell of roses while you soak in the tranquil atmosphere of this small corner of paradise in Mumbai.

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