Top Foreign Destinations That Celebrate Navaratri Just Like India

Navaratri is not confined to India alone. It is celebrated world wide due to Indian diaspora. There are number of foreign countries that host Navaratri celebration.

Navaratri is a vibrant and culturally rich Hindu festival celebrated across India. It is a time of immense joy and devotion. The festival spans nine nights and is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Durga and her various forms. The celebration involves music, dance, fasting, and colourful attire. While Navaratri is deeply rooted in Indian culture, you might be surprised to learn that the spirit of this festival is celebrated with equal zeal in various foreign destinations. People with Indian roots who are residing in foreign countries, never forget to celebrate any of the festival just because they are staying away from the homeland. In this article, we will explore some of the top foreign destinations where Navaratri is celebrated just like it is in India.

United States

The United States, particularly in cities with a significant Indian diaspora like New Jersey, New York, and Chicago, hosts grand Navaratri celebrations. These events feature traditional Garba and Dandiya Raas dances, vibrant clothing, and elaborate displays of Goddess Durga. Local Indian communities come together to recreate the festive atmosphere of India. The colourful and flamboyant dances are open to all, making it a wonderful opportunity to experience Indian culture firsthand.

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United Kingdom

Like USA, UK, with its multicultural population, is another hub for Navaratri celebrations. London, Leicester, and Birmingham are known for hosting extravagant Navaratri events. The festivities include traditional dances, religious ceremonies, and delicious Indian cuisine. The Navaratri celebrations in the UK are a testament to the country’s rich cultural diversity.


In cities like Toronto and Vancouver, the Indian community plays an important role in bringing Navaratri to life. The festivities are marked by lively Garba and Dandiya dance performances, cultural showcases, and communal prayer ceremonies. Navaratri has found a welcoming home in Canada, where the cultural exchange is embraced with open arms.


Singapore’s multicultural society embraces Navaratri with open arms. The festival is celebrated with enthusiasm in Little India, where the streets come alive with vibrant decorations, dance performances, and stalls offering traditional Indian food and clothing. The spirit of unity and cultural diversity during Navaratri celebrations in Singapore is truly heartwarming. So, when in Singapore, never miss the opportunity to plunge into the true spirit of Indian festivals.


Australia, with its growing Indian community, also partakes in the fervour of Navaratri. Sydney and Melbourne, in particular, host grand celebrations that include traditional dances, music, and puja (prayer) rituals. Navaratri has become an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to come together and celebrate the diversity of Indian culture.


The island nation of Mauritius, with its substantial Indian population, celebrates Navaratri with great devotion. The festival is observed with traditional ceremonies, cultural performances, and the lighting of lamps. The island’s unique blend of Indian and Creole cultures adds a special flavour to the festivities, making it a must-visit destination for Navaratri enthusiasts.

Navaratri, a festival of celebrating and worshipping the Goddesses of Hindu religion, is not confined to India alone. It has transcended borders and is celebrated with equal fervour and enthusiasm in various foreign destinations. These celebrations are a testament to the global spread of Indian culture and its ability to unite people of diverse backgrounds. If you ever find yourself abroad during Navaratri, make sure to seek out these celebrations to experience the vibrant colours, energetic dances, and spiritual devotion that define this auspicious festival.

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