Try Bungy Jumping in New Zealand to Experience the Top-notch Thrill

New Zealand offers the adrenaline-rush adventurous sports to participate in.

To try Bungy Jumping in New Zealand is completely insane. But it is the real thrilling game out there. It exposes the real life of a human having all the fun. World’s first commercial bungy jumping is placed in New Zealand. The Nevis Bungy located in Queenstown, is the world’s third highest jumping which is thrice the height of The Statue of Liberty. The spot is placed at 93 m height up there. So, people would label you as insane soul when you try it. But once you jump into the air, the experience you earn will not be equal to anything in the world.

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The second place for bungy jumping in New Zealand is Kawarau Bridge. It would definitely provide lifetime experience as it is the commercial place for bungy jumping. To jump in the midst of air from a freaking height, one needs to be brave and adventure-junkie. It would literally make you to feel as if a bird in the air. Couple bungy jumping is also available at this place. Though New Zealand seems to be a smaller country, it serves as a hub for sports and games. Known to be the highest bungy jumping spot in the world, the country also offers spectacular feast through its scenic landscape. The thrill seekers or hunters who are craving for adventures in their lives, should try bungy jumping in New Zealand.

Bungy jumping is also introduced in India at places like Goa, Bangalore, Rishikesh and Kerala. You can even try it in India first and then fly to New Zealand and experience the highest fall. It can be a lifetime experience for anyone who tries and journals it for the rest of your life.

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