Ramadan 2023: Foods to eat in Suhoor to remain energetic and hydrated

Suhoor is essential for a healthy Ramadan. A balanced suhoor will give you plenty of energy during the fasting days. And will enable you to complete your fasting and daily responsibilities while also making the most of Ramadan. During Ramadan, there are three types of people in


1. Skip suhoor because waking up during the middle of the night is difficult.

2. Prepare ready-to-eat meals for Suhoor, such as cereal, since this is the simplest option.

3. Eat a substantial dinner, such as rice, roti and curry.

If you want to get the most out of Ramadan, regardless of the type of person you are, you must read this blog. We all know that Ramadan isn’t about food. However, you must eat nutritious foods that will keep you energised throughout the day. So, let’s look at some of the best foods to eat in Suhoor to stay energised and hydrated throughout the day.

Foods to eat in Suhoor to remain energetic and hydrated:

Eating eggs for Suhoor can help you stay healthy and active because they are packed with protein and vitamins. Eggs can be prepared in a variety of ways, like boiled or scrambled. You can also eat omelettes or poached eggs in addition to this. You can eat eggs by combining them with bread. It can be a good idea to combine boiled eggs with salad and brown bread layered with peanut butter. Eating a vegetable omelette is one method that would work for people of Indians. Make it with two eggs and plenty of vegetables. This will satisfy you like no other food.

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What food could be greater than oatmeal to keep you satisfied and energised all day long? You can make masala oats or oatmeal porridge to provide your body with the nutrition it needs. Oatmeal is a high-carbohydrate and protein source that can provide your body with essential nutrients. To improve the flavour and nutritional value of your bowl of muesli, add some dried fruits, apples and bananas. If you’re making masala oats, add vegetables like beans, lettuce and peas. These vegetables will easily fill you up and keep hunger at bay for a long time.


Starting Suhoor with fruits is highly suggested. Selecting fruits rich in fibre and potassium is a good start. Because they support the maintenance of body fluids. So the day will be healthy, hydrated, and in a manner that is light because of this. You can get a variety of nutrients from various fruits as well. The natural sugar and high potassium content of bananas makes them a food high in fibre. You stay satisfied for a very long time because it also slows down digestion. Berries of every kind are a delicious addition to your morning meal. Along with the fibre they offer, they are also a good source of vitamin C. Dates are the perfect Suhoor food because they are high in potassium, fibre, vitamins, and disease-preventing antioxidants.


Milk is quite filling and provides calcium that helps to strengthen your bones. A milky drink can keep you satisfied for up to five hours. It is also very adaptable; you can put some nuts in your glass, enjoy it with bananas, or serve it with a side of fruit. Yoghurt is a different way to get your daily dose of milk. They improve gut microbiota while also enhancing muscle growth. For Suhoor, you can also make a nutritious milkshake or smoothie with milk. Because most people don’t like to chew their food in the morning, a nice smoothie or milkshake will come in handy.

Whole Grains

Consuming carbohydrates, which whole grains are rich in, is a fantastic way to maintain energy. They are high in fibre, which results in increased energy. And the ease with which you can find breakfast foods like wholegrain bread and bagels is another benefit. Oats, quinoa porridge, and perhaps barley with milk are all delicious and satisfying ways to eat whole grains. Roti made from whole grain Atta is a good choice if you want to linger more on the Indian side. You can also try whole grains like ragi and buckwheat. One suggestion is to include Ragi flour or Buckwheat flour in your Atta for roti or Chapathi. It’ll be soft and delicious.

What are some of your favourite foods to eat during Suhoor? Do they keep you energised and hydrated? Let us know!

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