8 Mandatory Foods For People Hitting Gym: Veg And Non-Veg

Having a proper diet and exercise regime is now a mandatory part of everyone’s lifestyle.

What are the mandatory foods for people hitting gym? Nowadays, all of us are obsessed with health and fitness. Having a proper diet and exercise regime is now a mandatory part of everyone’s lifestyle. Thus, gyms have become a segment of all of our schedules. Talking about the gym and diet is also gaining a lot of attention. Also, there might be numerous questions surrounding this topic. From what to have and what not to have, we might always have questions surrounding us. Here, let’s explore some mandatory foods for people hitting the gym. Don’t worry! We are here to give a list of both non-veg as well as veg options. Explore further to know the benefits of these food items.


Chicken is the mandatory gym food on the menu. If you are a non-veg lover then nothing is going to separate you from this yummy non-veg delight. But do not deep fry your chicken with heavy spices and masalas. Try to slightly roast them with minimal spices and have them with roasted veggies. Or else go with grilled chicken or chicken soups. You can also boil and shred the chicken and add it to your salads for a healthier diet.

The breast piece of a rooster chicken has high calorie and protein content. Furthermore, they also have very less saturated fats. Thus it is way more healthier than pork or any red meats.

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As mentioned earlier, red meats include saturated fats. It causes blood vessels to narrow and thicken. Therefore, one should consume them with caution. Especially people with ailments like diabetes and cholesterol should not have them often. Consuming them once every fortnight is advised by most dieticians. Even then, try to have them as soups or broths. Try incorporating Mutton Paya or broth in your gym diet chart. This bone broth will help you to lose weight and keeps your energy levels in check. Also, they are the best option for stronger joints and can also reduce inflammations.

Fatty Fish

Fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They are known to support more moderate cholesterol-building lipids in the blood. Also, they lower the high amount of bad cholesterol building up in our bodies. It will provide you with terrific strength and aid in improving your metabolism. Especially consuming fatty fish like Salmon for the right amount of right fats. Furthermore, they are also an excellent source of protein. You can have them as curries or consume them in a grilled form.


The eggs are packed with almost all essential nutrients. It helps with both muscle building as well as speedy muscle recovery. Additionally, eggs contain both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They aid in the cell formation process. If you are a gym freak then consume as many egg whites as you can. However, 6 to 8 egg whites are mostly advised. Additionally, stay away from some egg yolks.

Tofu and Paneer

Tofu and paneer are both excellent sources of calcium and protein. Paneer is typically made from animal milk and tofu is from soy milk. By weight, paneer has more fat, protein, and calories. Thus tofu is a better option for people attempting to lose weight. It has 62 calories per 100 g. Whereas paneer has 265 calories for 100 g. Inevitably paneer is what you should eat more frequently if you want to gain muscle, though.


The amount of protein and fiber in moong dal is way too high. It has no fat/cholesterol and no gluten. Moong dal sprouts are often the best protein source. Try sprouting moong beans for three to four days and then consume them. You can also add these sprouts to your salads or curries. This nutrient-packed food is also an ideal post-workout meal. They have the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins. The carbs in moong dal are so basic and it gives the much-needed stamina for all gym freaks.

Soya Chunks

Soya chunks are always considered the best vegan alternative for chicken breast. They have many more benefits than you might think. Soya chunks promote faster metabolism and muscle growth. They are usually made from soy flour in which the additional oil has been removed. Thus they are dry and defatted. Also, they are a wonderful source of calcium and iron. Also, they are free of sodium and sugar, making them safe for your health. Soya is also high in fiber, which keeps you feeling full for several hours after eating it.
Moreover, soya chunks also have phytoestrogen. But do not worry! they have negligible effects on human hormonal balance.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a wonderful source of complex carbs. They are low on the glycaemic index and thus offer long-lasting energy. Additionally, they are high in fiber and aid in the body’s digestion process. Sweet potatoes are ideal to give a consistent flow of energy for a longer time. Furthermore, it is the best post-workout meal. It contains copper, which can support the maintenance of healthy muscle tissue and restore energy levels. It also has Vitamin C, which aids in preventing muscle catabolism.

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