Can Eating Cumin Seeds Help Induce Your Menstrual Cycle?

Along with its medicinal properties, cumin seeds do have some essential impact on women's menstrual cycle.

Like chia seeds, sesame seeds, Cumin seeds are known for its medicinal properties as well. While the seeds are highly impactful on women’s menstrual cycle, cumin seeds are one among them. Cumin seeds have been used for centuries to help women regulate their menstrual cycles. Although there isn’t any scientific evidence that cumin seeds can directly induce a period, some people have found relief from eating them. Even doctors suggest drinking cumin water regularly. But can eating cumin seeds help induce your menstrual cycle? Well, let’s check out how cumin seeds may play a role in inducing periods naturally.

What are Cumin Seeds?

Cumin seeds are a tiny, but incredibly powerful ingredient used frequently in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. The seeds are dried and used to flavour curries, soups, and other dishes. The Indian state, Kerala, use to serve a glass of warm cumin water. Thanks to its omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins, the seed is beneficial for digestion and immunity. It’s also thought that cumin may be able to regulate menstrual cycle due to certain compounds found in it.

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How Do Cumin Seeds Affect a Woman’s Menstrual Cycle?

Cumin seeds are considered to have certain impact on a woman’s menstrual cycle. The compounds in cumin seeds can act as a stimulant and help regulate hormones, which may induce and regulate the monthly period. It is also believed that consuming cumin regularly and adding it to meals helps keep the reproductive system healthy thereby regulating menstruation. It is essential to have more research on this subject but still it will have enough impact on your body when you start adding it to your daily routine.

Should Cumin Seeds be Combined with Other Ingredients?

It serves as a great addition along with any other ingredient. While cumin is generally safe to consume, it’s best taken in combination with other essential ingredients to reap all the beneficial effects. Speaking of which, ginger and cinnamon have antioxidant properties that help improve digestion and reduce inflammation while increasing serotonin, which may help induce your period naturally. Additionally, whole foods such as flaxseeds contain Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, calcium and B vitamins that can help support hormonal balance, making them a great addition to your diet if you are looking for natural ways to aid your menstrual cycle. Food is a medicine and anything taken in a moderate amount has a good impact on your body.

Are There Alternatives to Using Cumin Seeds to Induce Your Menstrual Cycle?

Yes, there are several other natural remedies for inducing your menstrual cycle such as including seeds, nuts, healthy foods and avoiding sugar-intake. Other at-home remedies may also incorporate adopting a nutritious diet full of fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly to keep hormones in balance, and reducing stress levels by engaging in activities such as yoga or relaxation techniques. All you do impact your unbalanced hormones to be happy and balanced thereby making you healthy entirely.

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