5 New Year Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Loved Ones

Gifting your loved ones with perfect items puts a smile on their faces. New Year is already here to give you all the reasons for gifts and surprises. When it comes to gifting your friends or family members, you think harder about what to gift. Or what could be perfect to bring an instant happy curve on their face? This is a common dilemma that invades especially when you plan to gift your loved ones. Fret not! We are here with 5 distinct New Year gift ideas to surprise your loved ones. Just scroll down and you would find the perfect one.


Words have the power to change the world. Similarly, A good book could provide a much-needed transformation. Sometimes, you could find yourself in between the pages. Books are, certainly, an underrated gift item. However, they are the perfect gift for this New Year to begin the first month of the year with powerful words. Perhaps, your bookish friend loves it anyway.

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Never underestimate a pack of beauty products wrapped with glittery gift papers. They do bring happy smiles for someone who loves trying beauty products. We are presenting you, Vedix’s Soundarya Festival. They come up with new packaged gift boxes to surprise your loved ones. It includes Vedix Glow Kit (Face oil, scrub, clay mask, toner and face roller), Vedix Aromatic Bath Ritual Kit (Body wash, Body lotion, Body scrub, Body mist, loofah, and a lip balm) and Bhringadi Hair Strengthening Essentials Kit (Shampoo, conditioner, booster oil, and hair mask). Bhringraj promotes healthy hair growth and lustre. The cooling properties of Bhringraj help balance scalp and hair conditions. Grab them now to give a new year surprise!

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The grand way of welcoming this New Year is by giving it a great toast. What’s a New Year Eve without a sparkling glass of wine? You have got that right, aren’t you? How about a wine gift hamper? Sending flowers and a bottle of champagne is worth it all when you are especially away from your loved ones.


Of course, you have a gang of friends who shares your Amazon Prime account. Life is all about watching movies online and chilling on holidays. Ever thought of gift a year of Amazon Prime membership? If not, this is the right time for you to make your buddy scream for this New Year.


From kids to adults, chocolates are a staple snack to celebrate the festivals and New Year. Without a box of sweets, your celebration is incomplete. So, coming home with a box of classy and trendy chocolates gives your loved ones instant joy. Surprise chocolate orders would work as well. So, grab the right one from the mentioned 5 distinct new year gift ideas to surprise your loved ones as they are worth trying.

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