5 Bad Things That Can Happen When You Don’t Moisturize Your Skin


Perhaps, pampering the skin would be an essential part of most people’s routine. But everyone does not master it as some would fail at the initiating step of taking care of the skin. When it comes to taking good care of the skin, moisturizing and hydrating your skin plays a crucial role and it would definitely stand as the first step for skincare. And when you do not moisturize your skin, it would obviously lead to dehydrated skin which further contributes to several skin issues. So, you gotta know what would happen if you fail to moisturize your skin. Continue to read. . .

THE PROTECTIVE LAYER IS GONE: Most people would stop using moisturizers when the ingredients of the products act cruelly to their skin by turning it red and peel. When they stopped using their regular skincare products, it would then lead to side effects without even getting the fullest benefits. Or else, you could at least have to use simple homemade or natural moisturizer to your skin to protect your skin.

WORSENS THE WRINKLES: The failure of applying moisturizer would contribute to intense the appearance of the wrinkles. Since your skin turns out to be dried, the occurrence of chronic inflammation on your skin is an obvious thing. This inflammation would directly lead to the breakdown of collagen and aging appearance. If you have wrinkles already, then not using moisturizer on your skin would make it much worse.

INVITES ACNE: When it comes to dryness or dehydrated skin, it would make your skin worse by resulting in acne and blemishes. So, choose a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin and add it to your skin routine.

THERE IS NO MORE FLAWLESS OR PERFECT MAKEUP LOOK: If you do not hydrate or moisturize your skin, those wrinkles would look more awful when your makeup is done. When you apply your makeup to your dehydrated skin, it would stick to your skin or even flow into the fine lines thereby making the health of your skin to be poor. So, never forget to moisturizer your face before using any of your makeup products. Also, you could use lip balms for your lips to lock the moisturize present on them.

TURNS ITCHY AND DULL: If the slathering of moisturizer is absent in your skincare routine, then it would provide you a dull and flaky skin look. Also, the dry air during winter would make your skin further dehydrated and results in irritations and redness on your skin. So, keep your moisturizer handy especially during the winters.

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