8 Unknown Health Benefits of Avocado Oil


The gifted fruit, avocado, comes with amazing benefits for both beauty and health fronts. Being inculcated with essential vitamins and minerals and healthy fatty acids and antioxidants, avocado could never be dragged out of any diet. By pressing the pulp of avocado fruit, you could get avocado oil which could be used equally as in the fruit form.  So, check out the following wonderful benefits of avocado oil when you use it every day.

CURBS CHOLESTEROL: The presence of monounsaturated fats and few saturated fats in avocado oil would help manage the cholesterol level of your body. It would lower the bad cholesterol of your body and helps the individuals who are suffering from diabetes. So, you could include it in your foods regularly.

PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS: Of course, most of you might into a weight loss journey. You might be scheduling the right foods to support your weight loss process. The presence of high levels of oleic acid in avocado oil would make it happen for you. It is considered that this omega-9 fatty acid encourages blood flow to your muscles which would melt down the fat and transform it into energy. It would also make you feel full thereby avoiding unwanted cravings.

ACTS AS AN ANTI-CARCINOGENIC: The oleic acid in avocado oil would act as an anti-carcinogenic. Along with an antioxidant, it would destroy cancer-causing carcinogens. This is how it would obstruct the growth of cancer cells especially colon and breast cancer.

CLEANSES THE BODY: When you consume avocado oil in your diet, it would detoxify the body entirely especially the harmful substances from the body. It would cleanse kidneys, liver, brain, and other important organs.

COMBATS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: The presence of high potassium and vitamin E in avocado oil would enhance the health of blood vessels. This is possible because of the removal of free radicals in the bloodstream. It would promote the hormonal balances in the kidneys thereby regulating healthy blood pressure. When there is a healthy blood pressure level being maintained, you would be distanced from the risk of heart-related diseases.

PREVENTS ARTHRITIS: As arthritis is known to be diagnosed by painful swelling and inflammation in the joints of the body, it would be treated by following a healthy diet. The avocado oil extract could come for your rescue from inflammation and pain due to arthritis.

TREATS RASHES: While avocado oil helps offer several health benefits, it could also help treat and pamper the skin. Acts as a moisturizer, this amazing oil heals the skin damages with the help of omega-3 and vitamin E. It would thus be effective in treating psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, sunspots, and scars as well. You could reap most benefits of avocado oil when applied topically.

ENJOY THE HEALTHY MANE: Knowing its benefit for the skin, avocado oil paves it way for enhancing the health of the hair. With the presence of Lecithin, avocado oil would lubricate and shields your hair, skin, and follicles thereby increasing the growth of hair. The best way to use avocado oil is to mix with essential oil and then apply it to your hair strands and scalp right after cleaning your hair for better results.

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